Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 28, 2016

Flash Fiction – Come and Get It

This week’s flash fiction came to me while cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, so I ran to my little stash of papers and jotted it down. Ah, the strange times when an idea strikes. Right between sticking the rolls into the oven and cutting the ham.
Hope all enjoyed their Thanksgiving and are not in to big of a rush for Christmas to come and go. Yet, at least.
Have a great week.
Let your imagination soar when your read.
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Jonas tapped the wooden spoon against the rim of the pot of boiling potatoes. Mere hours away from his entire family joining him for their family meal. Ten hungry people, didn’t scare him. What did, ten family members with full bellies being introduced to his lover. He’d never let them meet one of his men before.  He’d never been head over hills for someone like he was Tim. His family knew, and disliked, his preference, but what could they say. He was a natural born Pride Master. No one, in the pride at least, could match his strength. No one dared challenge him. The last person who had, was the ex-Pride Master. He’s know fifteen feet under the ground in pieces, so his panther’s soul can never return to Earth.
“Jonas,” strong arm wrapped around his waist as warmth seeped through his shirt. “You smell like pure tension.”
“I can’t help it.”
“Your family will know the minute they walk in that something is off.”
He knew it. Anyone of the Pride members would. He reeked of sweat and charcoal.
“Come on, let me give you something else to think about.” Hands slipped over his cock. “Sure I can take your mind off of me meeting your family.”
“Sure you can, but if I’m going to yell Come and get it then I have to tend to this massive amount of food that it takes to feed my family.”
“I’ll come and get it.” Tim’s soft lips kissed the base of his neck, then teeth clamped down over his skin, making Jonas push back into him.
“Crap.” Why did his man have to know all his weak spots. No one before Tim had been allowed to bite any section of the back of his neck. Dominate Shifters let no one take control of them, without a deep reason.
“I know how to take care of my big bad Pride Master.”
“That you do, but it doesn’t change the fact I’ve got four hours of cooking ahead of me.” Jonas snuggeld into Tim’s hold then rested his head on his shoulder. “Go find a movie or something to watch.”
“Fine, but soon as you change your mind, Shout Come and Get it.

Jonas chuckled as Tim shook his butt before he left the kitchen. He had the perfect lover. Perfect man to take home to the family. Perfect man to make his, officially, one day soon.

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