Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 5, 2016

Flash Fiction Scene

Another week has come and gone, but do we stand in the same spot we were last week. Think about it, while you read this week’s flash fiction scene.
Have a great week.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.

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Lights flashed off the wall, creating a rainbow of red, blue, and white. Not the patriotic color, but one of police and ambulance invading my home. Problem was . . . none existed. There were no police. All the stations had been invaded and destroyed right after the employee information was stolen. That information was taken and each officer ended up in a huge fire pit in the middle of town. From then on . . . no one dared get in anything that resembled a car of authority. Not even me. The one and only living officer among the town of Rayshine, a middle size town, but not one big enough to be noticed if it was wiped off the map. Okay, my town was a good size town, but nothing ever happened in it, which was why I lived there during my down time. Not to mention it helped me keep my true life a secret from everyone. These wacked up animals might have taken out all the police officers, but they had no way of knowing that the SP Agency had an undercover agent living there. Who was I kidding, everything about the SP Agency was a secret. Far as the world knew, no such office existed. Kept it safer for everyone involved. Sure, was going to help save the town I became part of. The town where many good people lived. Where I hoped to settle down one day with a hot woman and have a few children.
Once again, I was kidding myself. These animals had been holed up in Rayshine for five months. I had used my satellite phone to reach out to my handler, but. . .
The jackass said, “Lt. Strength, you know I cannot approve an operation to save a town just because some human assholes have invaded it. You know your orders. No other options, but to stay out it.”

Since then, I’ve relived the same day. Or so it seemed. My world had come to a standstill. Would remain that way until the SP Agency needed my special skills in locating a deadlier nasty monster than the leather wearing, bike riding, gun toting, murdering ass wipes that took over his town. Sucked not being able to do anything to help the community, but . . . what was I to do. I tried to gain help, but until they came to my home to take me out, there was little I could do. I’d been ordered to remain under the radar at all cost. And like a good solider for the SP Agency I had to do as told. No way around it. Sucked. 

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