Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 26, 2016

Flash Fiction

Christmas is over and I’m sure you’ve all gotten lots of books to read. Fun doglore, which is what I hope you gain from today’s unedited flash fiction scene.
Have a great week and enjoy your New Year’s Eve and Day.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Unedited Scene
Adult Content Only

* * *
“Get that hair down!”
I shoved my arms against my side and casually walked to the front door.
“Young lady . . .”
I stopped before I turned the doorknob, giving him a chance to forbid me from leaving the house. It was coming.
“George, please.”
An unexpected turn of events. My mother interceding for me. Never happened before. Ninety-nine percent of the time she shoved the rules and regulations of a woman’s spot among our kind in my face. Dad had always been the easiest of the two, but . . .
“There is no way in Lubx that my eldest daughter leave the house on Trabord.”
Had my father used, Lubx? He never used such strong vile words in the mix company. Lubx was the afterlife reserved for those who fail to remain pure to their kind. Other words, people who chose to mix their lineage with human blood sentenced themselves to an afterlife without their family. Some even considered it a kind of limbo for a Oxanford’s soul.
“Trabord is the one day in her life that will seal her among our kind. I will not allow her to destroy her chances at finding a proper man.”
There it was. My father’s desire to marry me off. I would not be sold to the one who brought him the biggest gift. Mere idea of men coming and offering land for my hand in marriage.
“It is our tradition and it will be upheld in my house.”
“That is the reason I am leaving the house.”
“If you walk out that door today you will have no home to come back to.”
“George,” Mom’s gasp was loud enough I cringed, once again pausing in the midst of turning the doorknob.
“I mean it, Liza Rene. If you walk out of this house, spoiling the most important day in your life, I will not let you come back here.”
No less than I’d expected. It’s why I’d been putting back every little bit of money I could scrape up. It’s why I made a work deal with Miss Timber. Seven hours of work a day for room, board, and food. Any time over seven hours earned me cash at the end of my shift.
“Liza,” mom took a step towards me, holding her hand out to me.

I nodded to her, but opened the door, gasping when Lord Titian removed his navy hooded cloak.

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