Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, January 16, 2017

Flash Fiction

This week I decided to write off the hoof, so to speak. Other words, what you are going to read from me is going to be a completely free write of whatever comes to my mind. No set phrase or chosen photo. Simply me letting my mind run free.

Have a great week and remember: let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
What in the world? Gasp filled the air. Mouths hung open as the bright blue sky faded to pitch black with rays of white lightening. Heads turned towards their neighbors, looking for answers, only to receive an equally puzzled look. I followed suit of the people standing around me. I did not want to be the one to explain. Sucked that I knew when no one else did. Sucked even worse that I had known for years that the day the world shifted hands would come while the world was running at full speed and under the greatest leader of all times.

That was the fact that drew my supervisors in. They loved to tear down the worlds they conquered when they were the strongest. To ensure that any future rebellions would be years, or decades down the road. The Supervising Group needed at least thirty years of peace to ensure they drained the worlds they took over of all the best minerals.

“Sir, sir, can you help me?”

I glanced down at the knee high, red haired girl. “Not sure.”

“I can’t find my mom.”

Crap. Please let the woman have abandoned her child? “Where did you last see her?”

“We were standing over there.”

We? Shit. It had already begun. The Supervising Group was plucking random people from the lands to gain information. The child’s mother would be returned, unharmed, when they gained all they could from her. How did he handle the young child? Telling the truth wasn’t an option. Taking her to his house, wasn’t an option. Taking her to child service wasn’t an option. They would be swarming with other children whose mother vanished. Where could he take her and keep her safe?

“Do you have grandparents?”


“Do they live nearby?” The child shook her head. Course they didn’t. Would have made his job that much easier. “Do you know any of your mother’s friends?” Another shake of the head.

Before he could ask the child another question, a long pair of legs, that he knew all too well, walked past him. He sprang up and yelled, “Jessica.”

Jessica spun around, smiling a thousand watt smile. “Tommy Lane, what a surprise.” She glanced down at the child. “I know she’s not yours.”

“Course not.” I took a step closer to her and leaned into her. “Her mom . . . You know.”

“Shit.” The woman gave the child a second look. “This is not wise.”

“I know, but you are the only one around here that knows the truth. Please, for the little girl.”

“Fine.” She sighed and held her hand out. “Come on, sweetie. You can stay with me until your mom comes to find you.”

“how will she know where to look?”

“Tommy, here, will make sure she knows.”

I squatted back down and took hold of her hand. “I will make sure your mother knows where I placed you. Promise.”

The child lifted her pinky finger and held it out to him. “Pinky promise.”

“Sure do.” I closed my pink around hers.

She nodded and went to Jessica.

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