Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, April 17, 2017

Phrase Flash Fiction – Free Quote

Hope all had an amazing Easter. Mine was full of food and family time. Also snuck in some writing. Not sure where this week’s phrase comes from, but I hope the little bit of time I spent (and I do mean little) provided a bit of fun or entertainment for you all.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read,
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene

* * *
“Free Quote? Free Quote! Free Quote!”

I bit the furthest corner of my cheek as Eddie marched back and forth between the kitchen sink and stove. Five steps each way. Didn’t seem to bother him one bit. Would have me. Pacing required a large distance. Specially, when everything else was closed in on him.

“Charge in. Storm the gates. Man the ceiling. Hold the rifle.”

Hold the . . . Lord, have mercy. “Will you shut up.”

Eddie’s head whipped towards him, baring two sharp fangs. “How dare - -“

“How dare I what? Shut you up. Make you listen to your own foul words. Wake you up from the deep misery you have been living in for the last four hours.” Not that I could blame him for doing so. He’d watched his entire family be slaughtered by the Oxford family. “Or make you listen to your own stupid words. Do you really think hold the rifle fits in this situation?”

“I did - -“

“You did.”

“There is no way I said hold the rifle.”

“I think your exact words were, ‘Charge in. Storm the gates. Man the ceiling. Hold the rifle.’”

“Why would I say such stupidness?”

“Don’t know. Made about as much sense as Old Man Oxford calling me up and telling me it was time for me to place my free quote.” I’d yet to figure out what the old jackass was spouting on about. “Sure seemed to register with you. Care to fill me in.”

“He did not say that did he?” I nodded at Eddie. “My grandfather swore by the saying.”

“What saying?”

“Stupidest thing I’ve heard of.” Eddie brushed his hand across his mouth. “Old Man Oxford referred to the old battle phrase “Free Quote to the dead.”

“Never heard of it.”

“Me either until my grandfather swore that if you knew your death awaited you that you called the other leader and gave him headsup of sorts.”

“Heads up?”

“Yes. By Old Man Oxford relaying the message for you to place your free quote he is letting you know he expects to die at your hands, so he giving you permission to name a price on his head.”

“Price on his head? I do not want his head. For nothing. He did not dishonor me or my family. It is up to you to price his head. Not me.”

“Mine?” Eddie shook his head. “Oh, no. Not I.”


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