Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, June 5, 2017

Flash Fiction Scene – Kick in the Butt

Hope all had an amazing week. Mine was so-so. I did not get nowhere near what I had hoped to do. Mom and dad’s vacation is this week, so time will be short again. I hope I still managed to fit in some editing and writing time. Least editing time. I need a kick in the butt to get moving on the edits of Collar of Truth, Human-Skinned Books 5. That fact is what led me to this week’s flash fiction scene.

Enjoy and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
I tapped my foot and shot the jerk-wad, no good, lousy maintenance man the best get real face I could get. The dang-gum stove has been messed up for the last two months. Longer than that, but this one particular man had only come to the apartment in the last two months. Four times for the same damn thing. It should be clear to him that he can’t fix it and I need a new stove.

“Let’s see if that gets it fixed.” He wiped his forehead. “If not . . .”
What he’d final receive the kick in his ass that he needed. Doubtful, but I could wish. “Thanks. Sorry for bothering you again, but . . .” Right. I’d keep calling about the same issue long enough the dip-wad will get the point and replace the stove.

“No, I understand how difficult it would be to cook for three people on three small burners.”
The door opened and the dog wiggled for freedom. “Hey, babe . .. Oh, sorry didn’t know you had . . . stove again?”


“I’m sure it’s fixed this time.” The maintenance guy stepped around Ted and tossed a goodbye over his shoulder.

“Yeah, that dick couldn’t fix it if his life depended on it.” Ted kissed me on the cheek and took the doggie from me. “Hey there, little fellow. You protecting my woman for me?”

“Course he is.” I leaned into Ted for a kiss, but ended up with a lick to the cheek from my little protector.

“You home early.”

“Sure am. Got you a surprise.”


“Who else.”

“What is it?”

“Go look on the back of my truck.”

I rushed out the door, coming to a sudden halt when I saw a nice shiny black electric stove. “Really? You got me one . . . will they let me use my own?”

“They best. I can’t take it back.” He grinned. “Now, if you take me up on my offer and move in with me, I’ll set the entire kitchen up for you.”

Ted would. He’d been bribing me with small gifts for the last four months, trying his damnest to get me to move in with him, but I like being on my own.

“Call and ask them if I can move it in and them come get their piece of crap.”

“Okay.” I yanked my phone from my pocket and dialed the apartment office.

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