Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, June 26, 2017

Flash Fiction Scene - I'm done

Hope all had a nice week. Mine was busy. I finished the first round of edits on Collar of Truth. Yeah! That’s is what led me to today’s flash fiction scene. Hope you enjoy and remember:

Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
M/M Content
Sex Content
* * *
Chris ducked his head as the pan flew at his head. Robby was at it again. Another day with no inspiration and no new painting. Happened each time. Hadn’t been this often since they met five years ago, but as of late, it was an everyday occurrence. He was tired of it.

“Stop it, Robby.” Course Robby did not hear him thanks to his little tirade of curses. None of which made much sense. “I mean it, Robby.”

Robby’s arm hung in the air as he ran out verbal strength. The little coffee mug dropped to the floor, shattering into a thousand shards.

“Shit, baby, I’m so sorry.”

Chis didn’t really care to hear his apologizes. All he wanted was to leave the room and avoid exploding himself. He lifted his hand when Robby rushed toward him with his arms open. He spun and left the room with words he never thought he’d say to Robby.

“I’m done.”

He walked to the room he’d shared with Robby since the second day they met and snatched up one of his duffle bags, shoving a couple of outfits in. He snatched up his toiltey bag and took one more look around the room. He marched to the door, bypassing Robby who stood in the kitchen doorway with a stunned expression.

“I’ll be by soon as I find me a new place to get my stuff.”

“Please, Chris, let me - -“

He opened the door and walked out.

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