Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, January 1, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene

Hope all brought 2018 into the light in a very special way. This year I hope that my year is full of writing and exercising. On the writing from, here is the first flash fiction blog post of the year.

Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
Unedited Scene
Adult Content.
M/M Romance
If under 18 please leave the site.
* * *
Travis sat on some ratty old sofa that had been drug outside his cousins backyard. No telling how long it had been out there, or how many times it’d been rain on. Sure did stink, but there was no other place for him to sulk. He’d tried his cousin bedroom, but . . . He’d scared himself for life when he walked in on his cousin banging some chick. Not a sight he ever wanted to see. Not just his cousins ass, but a naked woman. No one who came to Ralph’s parties cared who you dated or fucked for the fun of it. Most of them was bi-sexual. There were a couple of gay men who came, including him. Normally, he brought David, but the ass-wipe had flaked on their night out. Again.
“Hi.” He looked up and locked onto a pair of dark, dreamy brown eyes and a nice angular cheekbones. Ones that begged for someone to nipple a path down them ending at the base of his neck.
“Care if I join you?”
Travis shook his head.
“Or . . . was you wanting to be alone?”
Another shake of the head.
“Okay, you are a silent type.”
What? Shit. He’d not spoken the Greek-God like man. There was nothing wrong with talking to another man. Who said the hunk of meat was even gay. Who was he kidding, his gaydar sprang to life the moment he locked eyes with the man. If he could he’d adjust his cock, but doing so would be to obvious. And he was not single. Or was he?
“Names’ Brandon.”
“Hi. Nice to meet you.”
“You do have a sexy voice. I knew it.”
“Thanks. Names’ Travis.”
“I know. I asked the host.”
Course his cousin enlightened the man. He would have thrown him over to him, if he didn’t think he’d get his ass kicked by Travis. No one in his family liked David and his flaky ways. They’d told him over and over to leave the jerk and find a man worthy of him. Part of him agreed, but Travis wasn’t to keen on leaving a five year relationship. Hard to start over.
“He also told me you are here alone. Tonight at least.”
“How come? I’ve seen you at these parties for the last month or two and you’ve been here with the same man two or three times.”
He had been to his cousin’s parties with David. Or the nights he didn’t flake on him.
“If you were my man . . . I’d never let you go to one of these parties alone. I’d be afraid someone would try and steal you from me.”
Some had, but he’d always rejected them. Something about Brandon enlightened him. Teased his hormones. Increased his libido. Then again . . . David.
“How’s it going cousin.”
“Fine. Sorry about earlier.”
“No problem. It happened all the time at these parties.”
“Oh. TMI, man. TMI.”
“Whatever.” His cousin slapped Travis on the back. “Told you he was alone tonight.”
“Tonight, yes, but something says he’s not officially alone.”
“Does that matte?”
“Does to me.” Travis sat down beside him. “But doesn’t mean I can’t try and persuade him to leave whoever abandoned time with him.”
“Hope so. David is an ass who doesn’t appreciate what he has.”
“Cousin, shut up.”
He held his hands up and back up. “Just saying what I’ve always said.”
Brandon bumped his shoulder and grinned at him. “Do I have a chance of intriguing you more than you already are?”
Did he? Travis wasn’t sure, but he knew he’d taken about all the no-shows from David. He deserved a man who put him before his job.
“Tell me about yourself.”

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