Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 7, 2013

How I avoid burning out.

Hey all, 

Figured since I'm on a short, and mean very short break from editing, Claiming My Mate, Book 3 of the Journey Series, which releases November 22, 2013, that it would be a good time to talk about burn outs.

It’s easy, and I do mean easy to burn out on anything you love to do. Not only are their many kinds, but many reasons. One of the most common ways I burn out is when I get on a roll in my writing process. When this happens, I’ve been known to go a couple of days without sleep before I even realize it. It’s not healthy for anyone around me or myself. I end up grouchy, and have ended up with parts of a story that was nothing but a jumbled up mess. When that starts happening, I know it’s time for me to take a day and do anything but write.

What do I to avoid burning out like this? Odd as it sounds, I read. (No, my life doesn’t revolve just around stories.) In my case, my burn out is usually due to being over stressed. Only way I know to combat stress is to relax. Best way for me, is to curl up with a book, and let it take me away from the everyday grind.

Burning out can also mean, or at least in my opinion, that I’ve worked to hard and long on a particular project that is going nowhere. That frustrates me to the point that I threaten to never write again. Once again, it is simply stress. What I have done is allowed myself to either write myself into a corner on the story I’m working on, or I’ve lost the flare for this particular story.

When I get like that, I take myself to see a movie. I make sure no one else is with me. I find the show that I think the least amount of people will come to see. It has to be one that will keep me interested. Then find me a seat in the dead center of the theater. If I’m lucky no one will sit anywhere near me. Allowing me to relax enough that the stress flows right out of me. Most of the time, by the beginning of the movie, whatever had caused the burn out, is a million miles away. If luck remains with me, by the end of the movie I’ve found a way to write myself out of the corner or a complete new idea.

These are only two ways I spot an upcoming burn out. Knowing them allows me to take a break before I get to my wits end. My suggestion is if you feel like you are burning out in whatever you may be doing in your life, take a break from it. Change things up, do something you’ve not done in awhile. Guess you could also describe it as letting your hair down and having a bit of fun. Fun is definitely a way to release stress, and stress rather good or bad, can cause anyone to burn out, even if it’s in something they love to do.

Hope all has a great week,
Julia Matthews

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