Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 14, 2013

Journey Series Progression

With the upcoming release of Claiming My Mate, Book 3 of Journey Series, I thought it would be perfect time to give an update of the entire series.

If you read the series you know it don’t fit into the norm of series. Or not at least any I’ve read or know about. Book 1, Journey To A Mate, falls into the adult paranormal romance genre. Book 2, Anything For A Mate, and Book 3, Claiming My Mate (releasing November 22, 2013) falls into the M/M Adult Paranormal Romance genre. That’s not the only difference.

Most series these days are standalone series. Journey Series isn’t so much. Reading book 1, would leave you wanting to know more about a couple of areas. Book two digs deeper into those areas and opens up a few more questions about close friends of the King and Signer family. Book three expands the King and Singer’s journey, and we come one step closer to finding out what the overall journey for them is.

Before book 2 released I posted a blog about that told how the book idea had hit one way, but by the time I wrote the second one, it had changed direction. It happens more than any readers realize. At the time of that post, I was expecting there to be five full novels in the series. Well, with book three wrote and about to release, I’ve realized that there’s only going to be four novels. Still debating whether or not I want to write a novella about Miss Donna. Not completely ruled it out yet. One other thing has come clearer to me. There most likely will be a spin off series. (That’s not a locked in idea yet, just go some ideas flipping around and around in my head.)

Like with any series, and with any writer, you never know when or what will spark a new idea, or change laid out plans. All any writer can do is let their creativity lead them. So as for this minute, the Journey Series looks like it will consists of four novels and maybe a novella. That’s not saying it will remain that way. Still got another entire novel to write, and see what comes of it.

Don’t forget to keep a look out for all updates on the series, as well as all new information about the upcoming release of Claiming My Mate, Book 3 of the Journey series. Cover and descriptions will be released soon.

Hope all has a great week,
Julia Matthews

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