Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 28, 2013

How does a book grow into a series?

Series come to each person differently. Like with the Journey Series. Book 1, Journey To A Mate, was co-written with Vickie Matthews. While we wrote that story, ideas sprang to life in my mind how to further expand areas we had written. I jotted those ideas down, created a short layout of each story. From that point we decided I would continue on the series.

So, with Journey To A Mate there had been no inkling of idea of a series, till we had gotten that book started. Now, some of my ideas that have hit, I automatically knew had to be a series. Not just because they were loads of stuff going on, but to emphasize what I want to get across. (none of these are yet published) So, like with most writing, series grow in different ways to each writer.

Some knows from get go. Sometimes a book starts out and turned into two, three, or more books. You can even write the middle book of a series before the first one. Of course, starting at the end, and working backwards can be fun as well.

No matter the case, each series has it’s own growth pattern and needs to be nourished like a child.  

Hope all has an amazing week.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for the back cover description of Claiming My Mate, Book 3 of Journey Series. 

Julia Matthews

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