Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, February 17, 2014

Schedule Writing Time

Hey guys,

Hope all had a great week. Sure did my way. It's been busy, but that means more fun for my readers. This weeks post continued my post on Time Managment. 

Another helper with managing writing time and pretty much any thing is to schedule times for it to be done it. If you treat your writing like a shift at work then you can succeed. To do this you have to find a few things out. When you write best. When you edit, and research best. Even when you connect with others best. All these things need to be taken into consideration when you are scheduling writing time.

To give an example, I’ve enclosed a broad view of my writing schedule. Hope this helps everyone see how these tips can help, as well as give you an insight on how this writer works.

My Writing Schedule

Each week I sit down at my computer and compare my scheduled appointments with my writing goals for the week. I then create a checklist of each item. This list includes my appointments for each day, as well as housework, personal times, and writing time. My typical goal for a day is to write a chapter a day in the current story that I’m working on. Or if I’m in the editing phase then I aim for two chapters a day to be edited.

There are a few other things I’d like to point out. A goal is just simply that. It doesn’t mean I have to stop when I reach that goal. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it doesn’t mean that if I don’t reach it that I’ve messed up. It simply means I had to deviate from the schedule for some reason. If this happens I have a backup goal.

My backup goal is a weekly goal that I set. Which is usually five chapters a week for story and ten chapters a week if in editing mode. This goal means that I can louse up on reaching the daily goals twice a week. Or it means if I have an excellent day of writing and get loads more done than my goal I still can reach my secondary goal.

Just because I’m working on a story don’t mean I can ignore idea time. Cause as any creative person knows, you can’t stop creativity when it hits. Sometimes you have to literally stop what you are doing and jot down the idea that hit so you don’t forget it. For this reason, I jot in what I like to call idea writing. It is exactly what it sounds like. I sit down and log the ideas that have hit me throughout the day, in a secondary place. This way I have a backup of my own ideas. Cause I’m the worlds worst to misplace a piece of paper. Or one of my two dogs, which think they are goats, will eat the paper if it fell in the floor.

I hope this little tid-bit into my writing schedule helps you see just well managing time can help writers and pretty much anyone achieve their desired goals. Have a great week.

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