Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, February 10, 2014

Workable and Specific Goals (Another Managing Time Post)

Hey guys,

This weeks' post continues on with the Managing Time Posts. There's a few more in this series.

Goals makes thing go smoother, in my opinion. One way to help them out is by making specific and workable goals. How do you do that? I’ve been told there are four things to consider when setting a goal. (These four things can be found in the Write-A-Thon by Rochelle Melander)

1  1.)    Make them challenging and specific. In other words don’t let the goal exceed what you are capable of doing. Make it one that can be defined in writing. (Ex. Write 15/day. Write a novel in 30 days.)
2  2.)    Make them be measurable. This gives us a sense of progress. I know if I can see progress I’m more likely going to stick with what seems to be working. If not, then I tend to get fed-up and drop whatever it is.
3  3.)    Created goals that come from passion and desire. Ones that you (and I stress that you) want, not others.
4  4.)    Your goals can’t conflict with one another. They have to work together in order to reach your ultimate goal.

Basically we need goals that makes us stay accountable. Figure out which ways is best for you to stay accountable for reaching your goals.

Have a great week.
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