Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, February 24, 2014

Where I write best.

Hey guys,

Hope all had allotting in some reading time, because today is the release of Journey Revealed Conclusion of Journey Series. It can be found at Amazon and Smashword. Soon as it’s available on other sites, I’ll let you guys know. Now onto this week’s time management post. We’ve only got a couple more on this series.

Creative ideas can hit at anytime. Most common places and time for an idea to spring up is while in bed, bathing or riding. Basically, when we are relaxed and able to enjoy the world around us. I get loads of ideas after I lay down. Most time it don’t’ bother me. I gather my tablet, or a pad of paper and jot it down. There are the times when I only want to roll over and go to sleep. Problem with doing that is the idea keeps me awake. Heck, I’ve even had my story idea turn into nightmares because I didn’t get the idea out of my head. This never ceases to amaze me.

Sometimes the places are stranger. Here are a couple examples of writers and where some of their stories came to life at.
-       Mark Twain wrote on a typewriter in a gazebo
-       Barbra Kingsolver wrote her 1st best seller late at night, in a closet while pregnant.
I challenge each of us to write down where our ideas hit, rather they are writing ideas or simply an idea of a fun.

Hope all has a great upcoming week and enjoy reading.

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Julia Matthews

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