Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, August 4, 2014

Deadlines hindrance or helpful?

I hate to be rushed. It’s partly why I love be a self-publisher. Preparing my own books for release means I get to set the time frame it takes in doing so. Okay, I still have to keep in mind how is best to proceed with my book releases from the readers perspective, but it does ensure that I give the proper amount of care to each book I release. So, in my point of view deadlines can help writers as well as hurt them.

How are they a hindrance? Simple, deadlines are stressful (which covers loads of things) and can drags down a writer’s creativity. This can be decreased if the writer knows how to properly balance their writing life with the other areas of their life. Not an easy feat, but doable with some basic knowledge of self and goal setting. Like how long it takes to write and prepare a well-rounded story and then set your deadlines accordingly. (For those of us who do every aspect of our book then that includes the preparation of covers and advertisements) Still, it won’t eliminate the stress from deadlines, but any way of decreasing stress is a blessing.

How are deadlines helpful? Easy, they give us writers a way to stay accountable to readers and ourselves. After all, a loyal reader will always be awaiting your next release. Only way to provide them with that is to create it. Deadlines allow us to balance every aspect of our lives, by keeping up focused on what needs doing.

Hindrance. Helpful. Doesn’t matter to me. I know I need them to maintain a balance in my life. Yet, there’s one good thing about deadlines we all need to remember. Deadlines are not written in stone. They can be changed at any given point and time. Oh, it’s not wise to continuously do so, or do so for frivolously reasons, but in case of an emergency then it’s nice to realize this.

Hope all has an amazing week.
Keep an eye out for a tentative release date on my next book.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read or create.


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