Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, January 12, 2015

Powerful Words “APOCALYPSE”

This week with my powerful word choice I chose to stick along the fear theme and went with Apocalypse. Apocalypse is the complete final destructions of our world or an event that is so damaging that there is no way to recover from it. The definition alone tell you why it a word that strikes fear when you hear it.

Wasn’t sure which way to go with the rest of this post so I spent a few minutes debating and then realized I wanted to try a new approach. So, I’m going to write a short little scene that incorporates the word or definition.

* * * The scene is unedited* * *

Reporters Are Right

Sammy sat on the hood of his car, with his long arms wound around Ariel. They stared up at the starless sky and watched for the unknown. Every newspaper reporter and television journalist had been harping on the upcoming event that was sure to be the end of the world, the one true Apocalypse. Sammy doubted it. There’d already been six other invasions of sorts that should have ended our world, as we know it, and the sun still rose each morning, the wind still blew, the skyscrapers still stood, and the traffic still blared down the highways racing to their next day of work.

“You still don’t believe do you?” Ariel ran a hand up his arm.

He shook his head no. There wasn’t reason to lie to the woman who owned his heart for the last ten years, just because she believed that tomorrow would never come.

“What would you say if I could prove to you that this time the world will come to an end?” Ariel wiggled closer to him.

“How so?” Sammy asked, playing along with his woman.

“I know, because I’ve been sent here to aid in the downfall of this world.” Ariel’s body began to shimmer a dull greenish light and he voice became rough and scratchy sounding. “There’s a total of six people going to survive the invasion of my people.”

Sammy sat there like an idiot as Ariel spoke and glowed a funky color. He should’ve been running and screaming. No, he should’ve been demanding to know who was going to survive. He did neither. He sat there and watched and waited. Either his end would come or his woman would spare his life. Either way, the reporters finally got it right. The Apocalypse had arrived. Damn, his brother was so going to rub this in his face if they survived.

* * * End of Scene * * *

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Powerful Word post. The rest of the post including Powerful Words will include a short, unedited, scene as well.

Have a great week and remember,
Let your imagination soar when you read and/or write.

Julia Matthews

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