Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 18, 2015

Powerful Word “Defiance”

This week’s word was listed under the pep talk section. The word doesn’t automatically make me think of talking myself into doing something. There are many people out there who will do everything they can just to defy something they are told they can’t. For this reason alone, the word is very powerful. Going against the grain or what we are told can show us just what type of person we are. In my opinion, it goes right down to the root of who we are. Each person has to decide what is best for him or her in every situation. So, when you’re told not to do something and then defy it, the reasoning behind it can enlighten others to what you are truly capable of. This is how I came up with this week’s scene. I warn you it’s not an upbeat scene, but I think it shows this weeks word in a powerful way.

Sit back and let my imagination take you into the world where defiance wins.

* * * Disclaimer * * *
Scene is Adult Only (Age 18 and up)
M/M Audlt Content
* * * Disclaimer * * *

Defiance Wins

Ry pried my hands apart and tucked his fingers between mine. I tried to shake his hold lose, but he was dead set on keeping my hands separate. The reddened skinned told me why. I’d gotten lost in the memory of the last day I saw my mom and dad. We’d had a major fight about how I lived my life. It had always been a sore subject between us, but that day it was . . . the worse.

“Mr. Tatum,” a short guy, wearing a freshly pressed black suit offered me his hand. “I’m sorry for you loss.”

My loss? What a lame way to say death. My mom and dad had been ripped from this world way to earlier. Who was I kidding, they weren’t suppose to leave before we had made things right. They felt I defied them. I felt they betrayed me by not accepting who I was. Neither wanted to give an inch. Now there was no giving.

Ry took the man’s hand and said, “Blain’s still in shock. I’m Ry Kirkland, he’s asked me to help him make the arrangements.”

“Ah, yes. Mr. Kirkland, yes the Tatum’s lawyer told me to expect Mr. Tatum’s partner to be joining him.”

I’m not sure what sound I made, but it had Ry jerking his head towards me, and the suit-wearing guy taking a step back.

“Baby,” Ry lifted my chin and stared at me. “We knew to expected some issues, didn’t we?” I nodded at him. “This is just a road bump, like all the others we face for living our lives.”

“I’m sorry.” The suit-wearing guy cleared his throat. “I think my comment was misunderstood.”

“How so?” Ry stepped aside when I stood and wrapped my arm around his waist. More to ensure I stayed upright than anything else.

“The Tatum’s lawyer told me this, because I was to give Mr. Kirkland a sealed letter.” Suit-wearing guy moved to the desk behind us and spoke to the lady behind it.

The lady handed him an envelope and her rejoined us. “Mr. and Mrs. Tatum left this in their will. It in uncommon for me to deliver such items, but their lawyer insisted it was of the important to the arrangements.”

Ry took the letter and handed it to me. I shook my head and pushed the letter back at him. “It’s yours. You read it.”

I watched as Ry peeled the flap back and slid a yellow, legal pad style sheet of paper out. From the small, fine print I knew my dad had written the letter. From the two signatures on the bottom I knew they’d both partook in creating their message. I just hoped it wasn’t more devastating news. If it was, I might just defy them in the worst way. I wouldn’t, Ry wouldn’t let me. He’d bow out and let me burry my parents. I wasn’t so sure I could do so without him at my side. The rest of my parent’s family despised me for who I was. Dad’s side of the family had no qualms about calling me the vilest names. They all believed me to be the devil. Each one of them had ceased being my family the day I left in our right defiance of my father’s demand to marry a woman.

“Baby,” Ry took my hand and laid the paper down, “read what your parents has requested.”

I started to ask him why, but the thin line of tears on his face had me angry and curious. I quickly scanned the last wishes of my parents and as I read it a second time, my legs buckled. Ry caught me and pulled me into his chest. Sobs rippled from me. Grief. Pain. Love. Admiration. But above all was relief. Not at their deaths, but at them telling Ry they accepted him, they accepted me, and they wished for a copy of our commitment ceremony photo to be placed in their casket.

“Did you read it all?” Ry pulled me back so he could see my face.

I nodded and grinned. “They said I didn’t defy them. That they defined their responsibility to their son.”

Ry kissed my forehead and said, “Your defiance won them over, even if they couldn’t bring themselves to defy their parents to tell you personally.”

* * *

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