Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 11, 2015

Powerful Word “Victory”

Powerful words don’t only reach into the fear, sexual, or greedy areas of life. There are some powerful words that are uplifting, like todays word, Victory.

What a better way for us to be uplifted than to know we overcome a challenge, personal, physical, or mental. Whether it’s overcoming a challenge or defeating an opponent, it means you have something to celebrate.

So, today sit back and let me take your imagination on a little trip, giving myself a small victory. Enjoy this week’s scene.

Remember let your imagination soar when your read or write.

* * * Disclaimer * * *
Scene is Adult Only (Age 18 and up)
M/M Audlt Content
* * * Disclaimer * * *


I slammed the white envelope down, sending a wad of cash flowing across the table. Their actions were deplorable. Did they really think me cheap enough to cave to money?

“Damn it,” I kicked the bottom of the light blue couch.

“What the . . .” Ralph rushed around the corner, wearing nothing but a white towel, oh and saving cream. “Oh. Mark, baby, what’s wrong?”

Nothing now. The reason I put up with my parent’s relentless nagging stood in front of me. Ralph, a huge hearted man, with a God-like body. Not only did he have a set of abs, but his ten inch cock was a miracle worker.

“You ok - -” Ralph glanced down at the table and sniggered. “They thought buying you would work.”

“Yep. Pretty lame.” I latched a finger under the edge of Ralph’s towel and tugged him against me

“Mark! I’m still wet.” Ralph complained, but slid his arms around my waist.

“Then I’ll have a reason for you to undress me.” I claimed his lips, letting my tongue play along the roof of his mouth, before I sucked on his tongue.

Ralph groaned into my kiss and the slumped against me when I ended the kiss. “Damn, baby. What was that for?”

“Pre-celebration kiss.” I said and pressed my hard cock into his hip.

“What’s the celebration for?” Ralph pushed me back until I toppled over the back of the couch.

“Victory.” I yanked him over ontop of me.

“What kind?” Mark slipped his hands under my shirt.

“Best kind. I defeated my parents and got to keep a shit load of money.”

Mark froze, leaving my hands bound by shirt. “What’s that mean?”

“Their little trick to buy me backfired on their asses.” I wiggled my arms free and ran them down his back. “When they tried to pay me to leave your, sexy body, I told them they had two choices.”

Mark sat back on my legs and stared at me. There was a sparkle of encouragement and a bit of darkness in his sea green eyes. “What choices?”

“One grow up and accept I was going to be with the man I love, no matter what they say. Or two, I approach the tabloid camera man standing across the street taking shots of us on the patio.”

“You didn’t?” Mark trailed his fingers over my bare stomach.

“Did. They chose to let us live in peace and gave us the money as commitment gift.” The entire thing made the last two months, of continuous hassle, kind of funny. If only I’d thought to make such a threat earlier on.

“So you out played your parent’s game.” Mark tweaked my nipple. “Sure sounds like a reason for a Victory Fuck.”
* * *

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