Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 25, 2015

Powerful Word “Whip”

This week, I’m pulling from a word from that could fall into many categories depending on how you use it. For this particular scene I’m using Whip as a Sex Powerful Word. Hope you enjoy this week’s post.

Remember let your imagination soar as you read.

* * * Disclaimer * * *
Scene is Adult Only (Age 18 and up)
M/M Audlt Content
* * * Disclaimer * * *


I ran my hand over the leather handle and flicked my wrist, sending the thong cracking. Michael arched perfectly, taking the first strike in silence. He would take all three the same way. He wanted every Dom who I’d invited to know I had the best Sub. He wanted their Subs to gain more respect for him.

I did have. No other Sub I’d seen could take three strikes from a bullwhip without their knees bending or crying out.

I kept the second and third strike the same strength, and he took. I made my way to Michael, ran my hand over his spine and the crack of his ass, before I uncuffed him. He went straight to his knees beside me.

I rested my hand in his hair and tugged as I said, “I present you my Sub, Michael. He has earned the ultimate gift from me. My collar.”

I took the solid gold, diamond studded collar. Michael smiled at it as he ran his finger over the small whip emblem I’d had engraved on the collar.

I slipped the collar around his neck, and locked it in place. Stepped back and nodded to our friends. There were claps and cheers for him and me, but my full attention was on the fact that Michael was nuzzling my thigh.

Michael knew how the small amount of affection would affect me. Considering I was already hard as a rock the small intimate attention had my cock pressing into the zipper of my black leather pants.

“Need me to take care of that, Sir?” Michael ran his hand over my bulging dick.

“It’s your job, isn’t it, boy?”

“Yes, sir. One I love.” Michael’s nipple fingers fluttered over the buttons of my jeans.

“Oh boy, a collaring and a show.” Timothy, my best friend shouted.

“What you say, boy?” Up for showing them why I collared you as mine, again.”

* * *

Everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day.

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