Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, September 28, 2015

Flash Fiction Phrase Scene – Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend


Hope all are enjoying the cooler weather. Rained here all weekend, but last week there was nice days to open the windows.

This weeks’ phrase isn’t really unique, but the scene I wrote for it is a bit unusual for my writing style. Hope you all enjoy it and remember:

Let your imagination soar when your read.

* * *

“Charlie! We have to go. Now!”

Danna couldn’t believe she’d gotten herself into such a predicament. Charlie, the Mayor’s daughter swore no one was home. Why had she listened to her? The girl was a class A liar with daddy issues.

Sirens blared as the police rushed to silence the alarm. Her ass was grass if she got caught and charged with breaking and entering. There might be two doing the crime, but only one would get pinched for it.

“Stop tugging on my arm. They’re not coming here. I set the alarm off a block away.”

Like she was gong to believe that. “Either get your ass a moving, or I’m leaving.”

“Such a baby.” Charlie snatched up a piled of cash from the safe. “Here, this’ll ease your nerves.”

She looked down at the stack of hundreds paper bound together. Sure was more than she’d ever seen in her life. Wasn’t worth going to jail over.

“I’m leaving, coming?”

“Not until I have what I came for.”

“Charlie, you’ve got a shit load of money, you don’t even need. What else do you want?”

The sirens were getting louder and louder. Reds and blues flashed from the main road, but instead of two wheeling into the driveway of the second biggest mansion in town they barreled by it.

“Told you. Have a bit of faith in me.” Half of Charlie’s arm disappeared into the six-foot high safe. “There’s the beauty.”

Donna stared at the rock Charlie held in front of her.

“This is worth more than either of us could spend.”

Donna stared stunned as Charlie stuffed the chunk of expensive rock into a black velvet bag she pulled from her pocket.

“Now, we can go.”

We left the way we came in and headed back to her car. Entire trip back all Donna thought of was, ‘Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend’.

* * *

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