Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, September 21, 2015

Phrase Flash Fictions Scene ‘Braver Than You Look’


Hope all are ready to start a new week. If not then maybe this little flash fiction scene will soothe your way into it.

Hope you enjoy and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.


* * *

Gavin’s foot bounced faster with each passing second. He had no idea what was going on behind those thick, dark oak doors. They’d always scared the shit out of him. Not doors, but was behind them.

His dad. The biggest. The baddest. Highest ranking Alpha among every wolf shifter in the world. He held the fate of everyone under him, including the future leader, his always screwing up son. A year ago Gavin could’ve put his latest stunt down as being a senior in high school. Not any longer. He might be in college, but that wouldn’t matter to his dad. Not one bit, because as of three months ago he’d begun training to take over for his dad, who longed to pass the throne to him so he could spend the rest of his life with his mate.

The door didn’t groan or creek, it flew wide open in one swift solid move and the doorway was filled with his father’s broad shoulders.

“Son, come in.”

The even-tempered, calm tone didn’t bode well for Gavin. Or it hadn’t in the past. He stood up tall and walked with an air of confidence that he lacked.

“Take a seat.”

Gavin wasn’t about to do something as stupid as sit first. Protocols among the wolves were the highest ranking sat before the peons. And he was still a peon, so he stood in front of the tall back chair in front of his father’s seat.

“You do know how to behave.”

Gavin didn’t rise to his father’s bait. He might have fucked up, by sleeping with Rave Carter last night, but he wasn’t stupid enough to breach protocol when if front of his Alpha.

“Do you know why you are here?” Ice clinked as his father dropped two pieced into a tumbler.

“Yes, Alpha.”

“Tell me?” The light pop sound of the stopped being removed filled the eerie quiet room.

“Rave Cater and I was caught in a compromising position by his father, Second Alpha to the Haven Ridge Pack.”

Gavin wasn’t fearful of his dad’s reaction about his son sleeping with a male. His father had known his sexual preference since he turned fifteen. What he would mind is having the second highest-ranking Alpha calling him at four o’clock in the morning to tell him what his son had been up to.

“What were you thinking?”

“Giving Rave a night to remember.”

 Shit. Had he really just smarted off? Gavin’s tensed and started to take a deep breath, but caught himself before he showed that slightest sign of nervousness. His father would catch any sign of weakness and there was nothing his father despised worse than weakness.

“Did you succeed in your goal?”

The question stunned Gavin. Any other time such a smartass remark would’ve earned him a stout lecture about how important image was for him.

“Answer me.”

“Uh . . . Yes . . . I did until his father busted into the room.”

“Hm. And why did his father barge into his room?”

Not a question Gavin wanted to answer. There was no way to do so without sounding rude or brass.


“Rave can be a bit noisy.”

Laughter flowed around the room like a sucker punch out of nowhere. Before Gavin thought about it he spun around and faced his father. The huge grin and his father holding his mid-section as deep, shoulder racking chuckled left his mouth was a strange site. Gavin was sure his mouth dropped to the floor.

“Son, shut your mouth and take a seat.”

Protocol left his mind the moment his dad called him son and he flopped into the chair. He wasn’t there in an official mode if his father addressed him so informally.

“You’re not pissed?”

“No, but watch your mouth.”

“Sorry.” Gavin ran a hand over his face. “Then why did you call me to your office.”

“I might not be angry, but I still have to look into the complaint the Haven Ridge Alpha filed over the situation. He was a bit ticked. I think it more like unsettled about his son’s sex life.”

Gavin bet he was. Rave was deep in the closet. They usually didn’t meet at Rave’s house, but his parents were out of town.

“Son, did you not know Rave’s father’s stance on same sex?”

“Yes, which is why we normally don’t meet at Rave’s house.”

“Then why did you guys?”

“His parents left for vacation last night.”

“I see. Rave wasn’t alerted to the incident among three of the Haven Ridge pace?”

“Not that I’m aware of. But why would he be.”

“He’s next in line.”

“No he’s not. His father chose to Skip Heir clause.” A rarely used loophole where an Alpha can chose to skip his eldest son to take his place, because he fears his son isn’t strong enough.

“I see.”

The small frown lines marring his father’s face spoke louder than words could have. His father hadn’t known this and most likely didn’t like that his son did.

“Explains a few things.”


“How close are you and Rave?”


“What’s that mean?” His father took the seat behind his desk, propping his elbows on the desk.

“He’s mine.” Gavin regretted the little growl that left him before his father’s eyebrow rose to his forehead. “Sorry, Alpha.”

“Then why has it not been announced?”

“Rave was working up the courage to tell his father. He feared his father’s reaction.” With good reason. “I kept telling him he was braver than he looked, but . . .”

“Guess he got the courage to go a step further.”

Gavin didn’t like the sound of that. Rave could go a bit wild if he was pushed to far. And he’d been embarrassed last night after his father cursed him and spouted off about how he’d be contacting the main Alpha to take care of the lousy SOB that defiled his son. The man had been so worked up he didn’t even pay attention to who his son was with.

“What is going on, dad?”

“Rave challenged his father.”

Oh fuck! “NO! He can’t. I won’t allow my man to fight that bastard.”

“Son,” his father was on his feet and around the desk, “calm down. You know I can’t stop the fight. Neither can you, since you’ve not openly claimed him as yours.”

“Fuck! Fuck! What’s Rave’s chances?”

Gavin knew they were slim. Rave was a small man, who despised fighting. Hell, the man hated to kill during the wolf hunt.

“Believe it or not, pretty good.”

“Huh?” Gavin’s head shot up. “What’s that mean?”

“You’ve never seen your man fight have you?”

“No. He hates violence.”

“True, but he’s stronger than his father.”

That’s why his father had been shocked Rave had been skipped. “You sure about this?”

“Positive. I watched the heir challenges three years and he was the winner.”

“When’s the fight?”

“Two hours. Want to watch with me?”

Boy did he. For more than one reason.

* * *

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