Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 19, 2015

Phrase Flash Fiction Scene - Time’s Up.

This week’s post is a intriguing to me. It shows just how a tight spot can be changed before the one in it even knows. Hope you all enjoy this Phrase Flash Fiction.

Let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
This insinuates M/M content.
* * *

Kane didn’t know what to do; it’d been ten years since he left Fallen Heights. He wouldn’t have came back for another two years if his father hadn’t passed away, leaving him a mess to clean up. The junk man of Fallen Heights owned twenty acres of land full of . . . just what his nickname insinuated. He might have hated the shit his father collected and despised his old man’s beliefs, but he never stopped caring about Fallen Heights. More specifically, Zander Wolf.

Zander had been eight years old when his family transferred from Loganvile Pack to Fallenvile Pack. Kane had known the day the shaggy, curly red haired young boy stood on the pack entrance stage that the man would be his on his twentieth birthday. He’d gone straight to his Pack Alpha Wayne and told him. The two of them had made their way over to Mr. Wolf’s house right after the meeting ended.

Pack Alpha Wayne spared no time getting down to business when Mr. Wolf invited them to sit around the kitchen table. Kane remembered each of the ten scratches on the rickety old brown kitchen table. How could he not, it was where his entire life came to a crashing halt. Mr. Wolf hadn’t been pleased about Zander going to the Pack Alpha and announcing that he was Zander’s true life mate. True life mats could be found at any time and age, but a wolf shifter under the age of fifteen won’t recognize the other until after he’s fifteen when their hormones begins to come to life. In cases like Kane’s the wolf law is clear. A clear state of intention must be made to the Alpha and the Alpha must take the intention to the parent of the younger half of the mated pair. That ensures that at the older half is kept aware of any possible issues about his or her other half. Or that’s the case most of the time.

Most parents are thrilled about their child finding their mate so young, because true mates are rarely found. Mr. Wolf hadn’t been. In fact, Mr. Wolf enacted a clause that had not been used in the Fallenvile Pack in over two centuries, The Backpedal.

The Backpedal means that the Pack Alpha must ensure that the older half of the mated pair and the younger half of the pair remains separated until the age of twenty, which is the legal adult age among wolf shifters. It’s not an easy job for a Pack Alpha or the older mated half. There is my-near no possible way for an Alpha to guarantee the two pack members won’t run into one another, unless he sends the older pack member away. The older half will be miserable not being able to watch over his other half.

By the end of the night that Kane had met the one his entire life would revolve around he had agreed to go and stay with a pack who agreed to shelter him until Zander turned twenty. Kane had gotten his Alpha to agree to keep him updated on Zander. The Alpha had, it helped Kane, but his life had been miserable. Needless to say when he got the call about his dad’s passing he’d been a bit surprised that the Alpha requested he come home and handle his father’s estate in person.

“Place changed a lot?” Alpha said from behind him.

Kane hadn’t even heard or smelt his Alpha approach. “No, sir. Junk pretty much remained junk.” He chuckled and spun around, gaping at what . . . no who he saw standing beside the Alpha.

Kane couldn’t say anything else, all he could do was stare at the young man standing to the left of the Alpha. How could he not, the once curly red headed boy had grown into a taller, broad shoulder, long, curly haired sex on a stick god.

“Nice to meet you, finally.” Zander walked forward and offered him his hand.

Kane stared at the hand, wanting nothing more than to take it and yank the man into his arms, but if he did then he’d break the clause his father had enacted. Hell, by him standing in front of him he did so. It gave Zander’s father a reason to ask for his death.

“It’s fine, Kane.”

He shifted his gaze to the Alpha and shook his head. “What is going on? Why did you bring him here when you know . . .”

“My father no longer has control of me.” Zander lowered his hand and pulled a envelope from his back pocket. “Read it for yourself.”

Kane took the piece of paper and by the last sentence of the legal document he’d fallen to his knees. It was too good to be true. His mate had been declared a legal adult by the Head Shifter Council, meaning Zander could chose his true life mate whenever he wanted.

“I’ve known about you all these years.”


“Eavesdropped on dad’s conversation with you and the Alpha.”

Kane chuckled at the image of little curly boy pressing his back against the hallway way, struggling to stay out of sight on the big bad adults.


“Two weeks after my eighteen birthday. Went to the Alpha the day of my birthday and we mailed the request into the council that night.”

Kane read the legal document again, not quiet believing what he was seeing or hearing. Oh, he knew it was true, but it felt like a dream.

“See why I tried to convince you to come see your father before he passed.” The Alpha moved to his side and patted his shoulder. “Time is up. You can come back to your home.”

There were lots he could’ve asked his Alpha right then, but none of it matter anymore. He’d come home and knew the truth, but did his other half long for him like it seemed like.

Kane looked up at Zander and said, “Is that what you want?” As much as it would hurt him, if his other half didn’t want him to come and claim him then he’d be requesting to head back to his temporary pack.

“I think it is long overdue.”

 * * *

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