Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 5, 2015

Phrase Flash Fiction – Stronger than you seem

This week I chose a phrase I’ve been using since I started eating and living healthier. I hope this scene is enjoyable to you.

Hope you enjoy and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.

* * * Note * * *
Remember these scenes are unedited.
* * *

I felt it. I heard it. I saw it. Whatever it was. No way to miss it.

The air ripples with horizontal rain cold enough to freeze soon as it touched anything, warm, hot, or cool. Doesn’t matter to the abnormal weather. Huge purplish circles spaced equally apart are spread across the sky, blocking the sun from touching the spring grass. Flowing from the circles are what sounds like metal clanking against metal and an ear-shattering scream which is followed up by a whistle shrilling.

Even weirder than all that is the way the people around me is reacting. The toddler are screaming and clinging to their mothers, who are staring up at the sky, refusing to move. The grade school age kids are sitting around the twiddling their thumbs, literally. The teenagers are raiding any car or building they see. The adult males are fighting amongst one another.

A straight out scene from one of those movies where the world is facing a natural disaster or an alien invasion, and has gone to hell.

I look around hoping to spot someone not affected by the insanity plaguing earth right then. There was . . . “Ah, another not affected.”

I ran through the hoard of people, dodging a fist or two and jumping over children sitting on the ground.

“Hey, hey, you over there.” I shouted twice and the guy finally spun towards me.

“Thank god. Someone else actually function like a human.”

“You know what is going on?”

“No. Radio’s dead.” He held up a portable radio. “Cell’s aren’t working, either.”

“Seen anyone else?”

“No.” He held his hand out. “Name’s Alexander.”

“Jack. I’d like to say nice to meet you, but . . . well it is, but just not because of this.” I waved my hand around me. “What you thinks going on?”

“No clue, but sure makes me wonder why we aren’t acting like them.”

“Because,” a dark haired man materialized from thin air between us, making both of us jumped back. “Because you are stronger than you seem.”

I stood there staring the three hands the man twirled around as he spoke. Okay, the scene around me just jackknifed more into the unrealistic realm than a movie realm.

“What’s that mean?” Alexander propped is hands on his hips.

He asked a good question, but there was nothing in the crazy ass world that would have made me interact with the creature standing in front of me. Not only did he have three hands, he also had two visible blades strapped around his waist. I was sure he had at least one ore over his shoulder and maybe even one on his back. He wasn’t someone you messed with.

“Means what it means. And apparently . . .” The man’s eyes shifted to me. “Only one of you are smarter than I thought.”

Wasn’t sure if he meant Alexander, or me but I wasn’t going to ask either. If he wanted me to know then he’d tell me. Until then, my lips remained shut and I watched and gathered all that I could.

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