Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 14, 2015

Flash Fiction Phrase – Short and Sweet - Continued


Last week’s flash scene wouldn’t leave my mind, so I added some to it for this week. Hope you like where it picks up at.

Remember let your imagination soar.

* * *
This is an adult only scene that contains some violent acts and innuendos.
This is an unedited scene.

 “Best answer me, babe.”

Rachael remained silent and tightened the grip she had on the chef’s blade he’d bought her to cook with. At one point and time in her life cooking and baking had been her favorite hobby. Anymore all it reminded her of was Tommy Lee. The man was sick, he’d make her cook naked, while he watched from the table. There were times he’d come up behind her and rub his nasty, tiny cock against her ass.

“Not playing these games tonight. Get your ass out here. Right now.”

Tommy Lee’s footsteps grew louder as he entered the living room. Rachael knew the moment he caught her scent, because he snarled and the couch was shoved aside. She shoved the knife behind her back and stood. He grabbed her by her shirt collar and tugged her forward, just like she’d expected him to. She whipped the knife in front of her and up, right into his chest.

He gasped and stared down at the knife sticking out from his chest. That hadn’t been her plan. She’d expected him to catch the knife and use it on her.

“Bitch, you . . .”

The words died out as his eyes fell shut and he fell forward, taking her to the ground. She grunted as he landed on top of her. The knife must have been pushed further in and hit his heart, because next thing she knew there were bone ashes covering her body.

She rolled over, gagging over the arsenic smell of death clinging to her clothes. After two rounds of heaving, she felt a small tearing sensation ruffle across her body. She had no idea what it meant, until the rich, deep voice of Taget, the Rax Community leader’s voice filled her head.

Guards, get to Tommy Lee’s house.

Those words had her jumping to her feet, running through the house. Rachael snatched Tommy Lee’s cellphone from the kitchen table as she ran passed it. She rushed through the backdoor, leaping over the porch steps and raced toward the woods.

“Get to town. Get to town.”

She wasn’t sure what would happen when she got to town, but she did know the leader forbid his members from killing within town limits. If she could get there she’d be somewhat safe and could get a call into her father or Juan. There’d be little either of them could do for her. The moment Tommy Lee claimed her she became property of the Rax Community clan. They’d have the right to drag her back and punish her for ending another member’s life.

Rachael, you best get back here.

Taget’s stern command made her pause for a split second, but soon as the last word faded from her mind her feet began moving.

Won’t do you any good to leave.

He was right, but it might give her the chance to at least tell her parents and Juan a final goodbye.

You belong to us. We let no member leave.

Rachael saw the pitch black pavement that lead to the heart of town. She was so close to a few minutes of freedom that she could smell a hint of lavender. Her bare feet touched the hot pavement and tires squealed. She jerked her head to the left, catching a faint trace of red and silver before the large unbendable car struck her, sending her flying twenty feet down the road. A door slammed and what sounded like five or six sets of feet echoed through her mind.

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