Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 21, 2015

Flash Fiction Phrase – Short and Sweet - Continued


Once again, I’m still building on the Short and Sweet Phrase. I’m sure this will turn into a story all on its own. Not sure when, but for now I’m going to keep this going as a flash fiction scene. Hope you like where it picks up at.

Remember let your imagination soar.

* * *
This is an adult only scene that contains some violent acts and innuendos.
This is an unedited scene.

A hand slid under her back and legs, but disappeared just as quick as they’d appeared.

“Stop that.” A rich, soft, commanding toned male shouted right beside her.

“Will not. She is our responsibility.”

Rachael knew that thick, Russian accent. Cain Teagan, Taget’s right hand man. He’d take her back and let whatever punishment the clan deemed suitable finish her off. Her plan might not have gone like she’d hoped, but her life would soon be over.

“She needs a doctor.” The deep, rich voiced man snapped back.

“She’ll heal up just fine in a day or two.”

Cain was right, and Rachael bet they’d make sure she did before they delivered her punishment. There’d be no short and sweet death for her.

“Don’t care if she will or not.” A puff of air rushed across her face, carrying a hint of lavender. “You will not be moving her or taking her anywhere.”

“The hell I won’t. You can’t legally stop me. She belongs to the Rax Community.”

Rachael gasped as her body left the ground.

“You will not be taking her.”

A growl so loud had her stiffening in Cain’s arms. She’d only heard such a noise once or twice in her life. Both times had been when Juan’s father had been scolding him about spending the night with her without his permission. Juan’s father hadn’t been ticked about them being together, he’d made that clear when he told Juan he understood his strong desire for the woman he loved, after all, it was a natural reaction for a werewolf. It had been then that she’d learned werewolves had a strong sexual appetite.

“No werewolf is going to stop me.” Cain grunted.

He must have turned back towards the woods, because Rachael’s hair swirled. She went to open her eyes, but they wouldn’t obey her command. Not surprising considering how much her entire body ached. If it was the impact of the car or the pavement she didn’t know. What she did know was that she’d wished it had killed her.

“You have no right to take her from me.” The unnamed male said. “She belongs to me.”

“The fuck she does.” Rachael was jostled when Cain stopped walking. “She is a member of our clan by being a fated mate to our third in rank.”

“Must not be.” The man’s tone held a hint of amusement, which kind of confused Rachael, more than his words did. “She has no claiming mark.”

What? She did. Tommy Lee had made sure to renew the mark each night, increasing the size of his ownership. He told her it was to remind her of her duties to him and that he’d do so until she proved her loyalty to him.

“Yes she . . .” Cain’s words trailed off and her shirt collar scratched her throat as it was moved aside. “Doesn’t matter. The marking was witnessed by one of us the first time and five the night she came home with him. She belongs to us.”

Cain began walking again, but his arms tightened around her, making her sore body ache a bit more.

“Best if you behave.” Cain whispered. “You’re in enough trouble as it is.”

Fact she knew, but didn’t really care.

“You best stop where you are.”

“Nate,” Cain snapped, “take her.”

She whimpered as she was shifted from Cain’s grip to Nate’s.

“Man you are making one big mistake.” Cain’s tone had gone dark, which she’d heard him use right before he killed a member for back-talking him.

“Afraid you are.”

A howl rippled through the air, which was answered by what sounded like ten more. The next few minutes were more painful than when the car hit her. Her body was shifted from being carried like a child, to being slung over Nate’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes, which had her rips aching and bile rising in her throat.

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