Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 7, 2015

Flash Fiction Phrase – Short and Sweet

This weeks post is a bit darker than what I normally write, but I think it’s a great scene. One that I might very well turn into a story at some point and time. Hope you enjoy it.

Remember let your imagination soar.

* * *
This is an adult only scene that contains some violent acts and innuendos.
This is an unedited scene.
 * * *

Rachael hid behind the couch just as the front door swung open. She’d heard Tommy Lee’s motorcycle pull into her drive way. The man was a bastard, but she belonged to him. Not a fact she or anyone else liked, besides Tommy Lee. The day she stumbled across his path had been the end to her normal life ended and the beginning of hell.

Tommy Lee had been thrilled about finding her. Rachael hadn’t been. She’d been in love with Juan Gomez and his sky blue, gray outlined eyes since her sophomore year, a fact that Juan had reciprocated. They’d had six blissful years together, until the day she entered the Cambridge Bridal shop to pick up her wedding dress. Right at the counter stood Tommy Lee chatting up Rona, the cashier, who batted her thick, log eyelashes at him. Rachael had found the woman’s flirtation funny, because her inch thick mascara kept making her eyelids stick together. Rachael made it halfway to the register before Tommy Lee and his broad shoulders spun around, sniffing the air.

The impact of the first look at Tommy Lee’s dark skinned, angular face hadn’t registered with her. He didn’t waste no time in clueing her in. He marched right up to her and tugged her into him, sealing his lips over hers. She’d struggled to free herself, even kneed him in the balls, but the jerk-wad paid it no attention. He pulled away from her lips and grinned at her, then leaned down and sniffed her neck.

“You’re mine.” His words echoed through her brain like rapid gunshots.

Her response of no was what pissed him off. He gripped the back of her neck and snarled, showing his long, white fangs right before he sank them into her neck, laying claim to her for the rest of their lives. When he extracted her fangs, she’d fallen to her knees and wept. The cashier had raced to her side, glaring at Tommy Lee.

“What the hell?” Rona wrapped her arms around her. “You had no right to claim her.”

“I did.” Tommy Lee shoved Rona aside and scooped her into his arms. “She’s my other half. It is within my right to do as I wish with her. No one has the right to deny me what is fated to be mine.”

That had been the last day of her true life. Tommy Lee had carted her off to his house near Rax Community, his clan of Vampires. There were limited numbers of clans left, but the few remaining were known for the males dominating the women and having multiple women, even after they claimed a fated mate. Rax Community didn’t allow the fated mates to take other women, instead they required all their members to feed from willing human donors.

Rachael had lived a life among the humans as an open vampire, but survived off of bagged blood. She’d refused to drink from a human, which earned her five days chained to Tommy Lee’s bed.

“Where you at, babe?” Tommy Lee’s voice boomed as he shut the door, making Rachael cringed further down.

Rachael knew hiding would be worse for her, but it had been her plan. Two days ago, Tommy Lee had forbidden her to speak to any of her family, because her father flipped out and charged Tommy Lee when he saw a fading bruise around her neck.

The night before that visit Tommy Lee had used the red dog collar to short chain her to the bed. During the night he’d taken her across the bed, hard enough that the chair had made the collar rub her skin. Her dad’s reaction pissed Tommy Lee off and he ordered them to leave and never return. It had been then that Rachael formed the plan to end her life. She knew if she fought back, just once, that Tommy Lee would lose control enough that he’d kill her. She just hoped he made it a short and sweet death.

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