Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 30, 2015

Flash Fiction Scene - Chaos Rules


Hope all have recovered from the overeating and the Black Friday mad house. I sure manage to avoid the overeating and refused to go anywhere besides the grocery store. Figured it wouldn’t be so bad. Then there was the small fact that I was under the weather. Yuck! Never fun to be sick on or around a holiday. Oh well, part of life, so let’s get on with this week’s post.

Got a few announcements before I get onto the Flash Fiction post for this week.

1)      I completed the NaNoWrMo challenge of 50,000 words in one. (Yeah, I know the month isn’t over yet.) I managed to complete it in 20 days and wrote a 74,000 plus word free write. No idea when I’ll get to revising it so I can publish. Got several others in edit mode and one in revision mode already. 

2)      I’ll be releasing the blog story I wrote this past April for A to Z Blogging Challenge. I’ve edited it up and added a bit more to the story. Nothing major, just minor stuff to enhance the flow and vibrancy of the story line. My goal is to release it in mid-January 2016.
3)      I’m also working on seeing which story I will be releasing next year. I’ll make a post like I did at the end of last year, but as usual, whatever I come up could change at given moment.

Now, onto this week’s Flash Fiction Scene. This week I chose a saying that for me, pretty much describes my writing desk. Chaos Rules.

Hope you enjoy and remember,
Let Your Imagination Soar When You Read.

* * * Note this are unedited. * * *

The desk banged the wall when I slammed my head down. What was wrong with me? I knew where the paper was. I always did.

“Ray, you okay?”

I let the wood scrap my head as I shook it at Thomas, the one true friend I’d had my entire life. He’d stuck by me through the failed marriage, which ended because of me and my inability to admit to myself that I was gay. He’d helped me crawl out of the bottle when Craig up and left, taking all my money with him. He’d kept me from losing my job, which I would be facing again if I did not find last month’s expense report.

“What’s wrong?”

I jerked my head away from the desk and glared at it. Too bad the lifeless object had no clue I was ready to strangle it.

“Sure the desk isn’t the problem. So, what is?”

“What’s wrong with the picture in front of you?” I snapped and pushed away from the desk.

“Besides you looking as if your life ended for a third time?”


“Not . . .” Thomas’s took a step closer to the desk and tilted his head from side-to-side. “You get fired?”

“Not yet.”

“Huh?” Thomas tugged the extra chair in my cubicle up to my side. “Then why’d you clean your desk.”


Thomas knew me well enough to know that I didn’t function if my life wasn’t in disarray. Chaos ruled my life, which is what kept me stable. When thing started flowing normal, or what others consider the norm, I fall to pieces. More like back to the bottle of booze.

“Who did?”

“Not sure, but they lost some important papers. If I can’t locate them then . . .”

“Okay,” Thomas laid a hand on my shoulder. “Take a few deep breaths for me and I’ll see if I can locate where the papers got shifted to.”

* * *

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