Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 23, 2015

Flash Fiction Phrase - Take A Tou


This week’s flash fiction has an unusual phrase, but . . . I wanted to see where I could take it. Hope you enjoy wherever my imagination takes me with TAKE A TOUR.

Remember let your imagination soar when your read.


* * Note: These Flash Fiction Phrases are unedited. * * *

Bambi sat at the table, looking around at the new group of new meat that sauntered in as if they owned the town. Little did they know she ran the entire town and the four surrounding ones. She’d worked hard to gain the upper hand in what most called the Pentagon Area. The name itself helped keep away the strangling humans. Did draw in some unsavory witches, but they were quickly dispatched with one quick tour of the town.

“Two shots please.” Dark hair, rich voiced man slapped a twenty on the bar top.

“Not how we order around here.” Edward, her second in command, and tallest bear shifter within twenty counties, said.

“Excuse me?”

Bambi climbed down from her stool and slipped behind the bar. Most people, or the outsider, ignored her, more like they dismiss her after one curious look. Downfall of being five feet tall. She might be short, but she’d been taken people taller than her down since she was in fourth graded.

“You heard me.” Edward leaned back against the shelf and crossed his arms.

“Think you best check that attitude and fix my whisky.”

“I,” Bambi moved to Edward’s side, “think you best examined whose area you and your bamboos walked into.”

“Who the hell are you, half-pint?”

The patroons gasped, stood, and began moving the middle tables to the side. Everyone in her establishment knew what she’d do at being called something so vile. Vile might be a strong word to most, but to her it was worse than being called a bitch in heat. Which she became once a month when the moon was full. Her wolf loved to flaunt it’s rear-end to all the available men then.

“Pussy cat,” the hiss from the man and his five other goons, who had joined his side, didn’t surprise Bambi. “You’ve got about two seconds before my little half-pint, wolf ass leaps over this bar and eliminates your raunchy, male ass.” Bambi scratched her chin. “Then again, I might just cut your tiny dick off and eat it.”

“Who the f you think you are?”

“Done answered that. Times up.”

Bambi leapt over the counter and slammed into his chest, sending him sprawling. She gripped him by the neck, threw her head back, howling her challenge. The guys with him back up, knowing they could no longer intervene if their friend fell in over his head, which he was.

The members of her mixed shifter group began swarming to the other side, with Edward leading them. Bambi saw him smile at the other guys and mouth, “Should’ve take a tour of our humble towns before entering the Pentagon.”

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