Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 2, 2015

Phrase Scene – Taken Back


NaNoWrMo started yesterday so what a better way to kick the second day off than with a free written, non-edited phrase scene. Hope you enjoy this weeks. I sure loved writing it. In fact, I might end up incorporating this into a book at some point. I love the action in this scene.

Enjoy and remember:
Let your imagination soar when your read.


* * *

Raven threw his father’s office door open, slamming it into the wall. His father lunged to his feet, snarling.

“Son, what the hell?”

“Do not ask me that?”

“I believe I will. You barge in here in some kind of fit.”

“Where is he?”


His dad had retaken his seat and leaned back as he had no care in the world. The man didn’t. He had men who did his dirty work. Each problem that arose provided some low life a new job. Raven had never partaken in his father’s criminal lifestyle, which had been how his father had wanted it. His mom had made one request of her husband; keep their children out of his mobster style life.

“Do not play coy with me, old man.”

“Watch that tone of yours.”

“I’m not scared of you. Where the heck is Donavan?”

“Lord.” His father rolled his eyes. “Not my fault if you can’t keep up with your side toy.”

“He’s not a side toy. He’s my husband and I want to know what you did with him.”

“First, men don’t marry men. Second, men don’t love men. Third, I know he’s off bounds, so why are you here accusing me of something I would never do.”

Raven hadn’t thought his father would ever break his word, but two months ago he’d proven just how low he could stoop. William Calvin Thurman Senior had deemed it wise to inform the world that his middle son would be marrying some socialite from New York, even though his son had legally married his partner of ten years the moment the law legalized gay marriage. Jason had found out before Raven had. There love was solid, but such news, mixed in with knowing how persistent William Thurman Senior was, had Jason trucking it back to Texas on the first flight.

“Where is he father?”

“I do not have Jason. If he’s gone then someone . . .”

A deep cough had Raven spinning around to face his eldest brother, who had even less to do with the Thurman family than Raven did. “What are you doing here?”

“Same as you I would say, but I know a bit more than you do.”

Junior tossed him a disk. “Received this thirty minutes ago. Use dad’s computer and watch it.”

“What is it, Junior?” Raven’s father waved to his seat.

“The Rancho Gang decided it was time for payback for your buyout.”

“I’ll fucking kill them.” Raven flipped the desk over and lunged at his father. “If they hurt Jason or Rebecca you will not live to see the sun tomorrow. We clear?”

“Damn, little brother.” Junior’s words broke thru his anger fog. “You are more like the old man than I even thought.”

“Raven,” his dad held his hands up and took a step back, “calm yourself. I’ll get them both back.”

Two of the security guards came in and looked the room over. “Sir, you okay?”

“Yes. A family issue is all.”

Raven had enough standing around he dug through the pile of papers and found his father’s address book and flipped through a few pages. He ripped out the one he needed and stormed out of his office.

“Son, where you going.”

“To take them back.”

* * *

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