Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 9, 2015

Word Phrase Flash Fiction: Wrong Place, Wrong Time


This week’s (and the next three post) will be short and rushed. Sorry, but it’s NaNoWrMo and my mind is deadest on meeting the 50,000 word challenge. (Doubt it’ll be much of a problem. Have a wonderful story going. Still, never know where a character might take you or when he/she may stall.) Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this week’s word phrase scene.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read.


* * *
I couldn’t believe it. Across the street, sitting at the one spot I have no access to, was the one. Boy was she. Long, curly red hair, which clung to her angular cheeks, fighting against the wind rushing around the small island like town that Roger recently began calling home. Just another reason he couldn’t believe the one sat less that a football field away from him.

What was he suppose to do? Ignore her until his job was done with? There’d be no doing that. The lurking seventh realm demon, who believed he owned the world simply because his father was the great and mighty Lucifer, wouldn’t allow such. Yet, Roger had a job to do and if he failed at it then his father would ensure he never set another foot in the earth realm again.


Roger bit back the sigh at the scratchy, deep voice that belonged to the non-visible version of his father.

“Father, my time isn’t up.”

“No, it’s not.”

Roger could imagine his father staring at his wrist, debating whether or not to point out just how little time his son had left.

“Just thought I might need to pay you a visit and remind you that if your job isn’t completed by sundown tonight you will be pulled back to your realm to lead that group of people.”

Roger didn’t need that reminder. Him and his six other brothers had all struck a deal with their father. So far, none had managed to complete their earthly task and Roger wouldn’t be the next one to fail. There was no way he wanted to spend the next two millenniums leading the worst demons buried away in a dark, dingy, musky realm. Would’ve been different if his father had been willing to allow all eight of his children to rule the earth realm. Nope, his father had viewed it as the weakest realm; therefore it belonged to his only daughter.

“Might as well admit defeat and come take your position of power.”

“Not lost yet.” Roger tugged his shirt down and then marched toward the boarded up gas station that sat beside the busy restaurant that safely tucked his one away. Soon as he eliminated Big Bad Rex Titan Mountain he would have access to the entire earth realm, just like his sister did. Then he could approach his one. Until that task was done, meeting the woman he was to ravish for the rest of his life was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A fact he would soon rectify.

* * *

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