Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, January 11, 2016

Flash Fiction Phrase – One Man Doesn’t Make A Company.

Hope all had a good week. Mine’s been slow and I didn’t get nothing accomplished. This week has to be more productive. Not sure where this phrase or scene came from, but I hope you all enjoy it.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
* * * Note This is an unedited scene with M/M content mentioned. * * *
Jonas flopped onto the black leather sofa behind his desk and groaned. What was he supposed to do without Donnie? He had been the company for ten years. The man knew a wonderful looking woman with one look. It’s why he’d been the best man for the Talent Scout for Luscious Ladies Modeling.
 “Jonas,” Robert threw his door open and stormed in like a twister sucking up every house and car in its path. “Do not go where your mind is at.”
At first, Jonas had no idea what Robert was going on about. Then Robert slammed a white sheet of paper down in front of him.
 “I say good f-ing bye to him.”
Jonas glance down, spotting Donnie’s disjointed, doctor style signature. Donnie sent the resignation letter to Robert, before he told him. Made sense, company’s policy stated that if the HR department wasn’t notified before the supervisor that no owed holiday or vacation time would be paid.
 “You’ve always thought he made this company,” Robert sat on top of the light colored coffee table he’d made him as a grand opening gift. “You were wrong then and Donnie Cart-dick-wright proved it by quitting like he did.”
“Cart-dick-wright?” Jonas chuckled at his life-long best friend. “You know he did. If it hadn’t been for him joining the company, I wouldn’t had known what females to bring aboard.”

“Ture. Your opinion of women has always been unusual, but . . .” Robert tossed his hands into the air. “What can you say, you prefer a nice hard body over a thin bimbo.”
Jonas sure did. He’d always taken nice broad bulging shoulder men home. Mainly, because they reminded him of Robert, a man who’d been off limits since he ran across his lover of twenty-two years.
“What do you expect me to do when the women Donnie brought in follows him to his own company?”
Robert leaned back on his hands and gave him the million-dollar smile that he gave right before giving a perfect escape from trouble. Trouble found the two of them loads of times throughout their childhood, and it had always been Robert who saved their asses. Far as Jonas could tell there was no way to save Luscious Ladies Modeling. Appeared he’d be proving his dad right.
“Give Ladies Luscious Modeling a makeover.”
“Another one?”
He’d done so fifteen years ago when Donnie brought him the Wing-It Company. Jonas had been skeptical about finding twenty female underwear and bathing suit models. He’d told Donnie that there was no way for a small town, mainly male oriented modeling company to succeed in doing so. Donnie told him to leave the details to him. That had been the start of a fifteen year, three shows a year, contract with Wing-It. Since the company required at least ten different model each show the majority of his clients became women, so ten years ago he’d changed the company from a Luscious Modeling, a male/female oriented company to Luscious Ladies Modeling.
 “Yes. Go back to Luscious Modeling. You still have the Wing-It contract, right?”
“Yes, we just resigned for five more years.”
“Did you put in the same clause as last time?”
Jonas sat forward and hugged Robert. “Thank you. I forgot about that.”
“How could you?” Robert huffed.
He’d been so distracted about Donnie quitting that he’d forgotten that the contract with Wing-It had been signed two days early.
“Good. Then Donnie can’t steal them for another five years without costing Wing-It quite a bit of money. All that needs doing is to find someone to replace Donnie and I’ll call Jack.”
“Jack? Why would you call him?”
Jack and him hadn’t become close friends like Robert had hoped. How could Jonas get close to the man who stole his true love from him. Petty on his part, but Jonas hadn’t been able to find anyone that measured up to Robert and Jack and Robert had been inseparable. Not that he’d tried much to break them apart. Jonas wouldn’t do anything to upset Robert, not even to make himself happy.
 “Jack has wanted you to take over his calendar gig for ten years. He just signed a new contract with Howling Night Club and needs all new models for their calendars.”
“Big gig.” Howling Night Club owned at least two night clubs in each state and put out a different calendar for each one of them.
“Well, what do you say. Discard your idea that one man makes a business and go back to what you wanted for the company to start with?”
“I say make it happen.”
Jonas stood up and gave his best friend a hug and ordered him to get to work. Robert left the room chuckling.


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