Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, January 18, 2016

Flash Fiction Phrase Peak-a-boo

Hope all had a great weak. Today’s phrase flash fiction is kind of a cute one in my opinion. Hope you all enjoy it.
Let your imagination soar as you read.
* * *
Scene is un-edited and copyrighted
* * *
My tail swished, missing every leave or twig around. I wouldn’t give my location away. I wouldn’t fail at my task. Today I would succeed. Today I would take the leader of the High-Tail Jaguar Clan down. I will become what I’m meant to be.
“Going to have to do better at keeping your thoughts to yourself, Johnathon.”
Shoot, in my excitement of locating the perfect attack point I’d let him hear me. The mind-to-mind link never ceased to frustrate me. Good thing it didn’t give him my location.
“You might as well come on out. I know you are around here, even if you did manage to hide your scent from me.”
He might know I’m nearby, but he had no idea I turned his own lesson on him. He will in a minute or two. Soon as . . . There, he’s in the perfect spot.
I leapt from the top of the pine tree I chose to hide in. My jaguar flowed through the air, refusing to breath until contact with his prey was made. The impact against the High-Tail leader’s back jarred my teeth, but I followed him down, pinning his with my teeth. He struggled, but it was useless. I had the back of his neck between my sharp teeth and my claws buried at the base of his spine. One wrong twist and he would be dead. If this hadn’t been a real attack, I would have already landed the blowing kill. For a training exercise I wouldn’t take my prey out. Nor would I at any given time, unless my father turned into some kind of monster, which would never happen. The man lived by the jaguar code, do no unnecessary harm, protect and provide for those weaker and in need.
“Great job, son.”
I back my jaguar up and lowered myself to the ground and waited for the appeasing pat that my father always gave me, even if I failed at taking him down. Most of the time that was the case.
“You did marvelous, care to share with me how you hide yourself so well.”
Was he stupid? No way did another jaguar give away their battle techniques, not even to their father.
His dad chucked and ruffled the fur on the top of his jaguar head. “Next lesson will be on shielding your thoughts from me.”
I let the human part of me reclaim my mind and shifted. Popped my neck, taking away some of the lingering stiffness from being crouched in the top of the small tree. “Good idea, dad.”
“That it is.” His dad tilted his head. “For you, not for me though.”
“Why not?”
“Oh, my son, you will know when you have a son for yourself.”
“Might have a daughter.”
“I fear for you if you do.”
“If she’s like your mother . . .”
“See the point.” I did. My mom was spitfire when she didn’t get her way.
“Speaking of mother. She’s yanking on our mental connection wanting us home for supper.”
“Then let’s not keep her waiting.”
“You mean keep the food waiting.”
“Yes. I’m starving. Took you forever to narrow in on my location.”

They chuckled and made their way toward the pathway leading to their hut.

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