Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, February 1, 2016

Phrase Flash Fiction – The Last Straw

Hope all had another amazing week. Mines been busy, but in productive ways. As you guys know I do the April A to Z Challenge each year and it’s time for me to start preparing for it, so I’d like some suggestions of what my followers might like to read about this coming April. If you have some ideas please share with me.
Now, onto this week’s flash fiction post. Had a harder time coming up with something this week, so I did it a bit different. Instead of picking a phrase and writing, I sat down and wrote, then chose the best fitting phrase to what I wrote. Hope you guys enjoy.
Have a great week.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Unedited Flash Fiction Scene
Adult Content Only
* * *
Hot blazing flames licked their way across the ceiling and down the wall behind the foaming wild wolf standing on the other side of the living room. I should’ve been running and screaming form the house, but my body froze in place the moment David’s body became engulfed by a silver and red haze. The colors faded as quick as they appeared, but instead of David there was a waist high red dragon with silver streaks. The dragon’s tongue darted out, hitting the top of the ceiling, stating the fire working its way toward the wolf, who inched closer to the dragon with each passing second. The dragon that replaced David bumped into me, sending me stumbling back a couple of feet. A loud hiss and the toss of a head spurred me into motion. I darted for the backdoor, all but barreling over Rocky, my solid black cat. Rocky hissed at me and then flew into the house leaving behind a trial of black dust. A quick glance up showed that Rocky the cat was no longer a cat. He was a tall, dark haired man with a black and white stick looking object in his hand.
“Magic of the East Coast, I beckon you to cease the wild beast invading the Silver Hoard Dragon’s mate’s house.”
My head spun and my eyesight wavered as the raving mad wolf toppled over, the fire claiming my house faded away, leaving no scorch marks, and the way to small dragon shifted back into David. David took one step towards me and held his hand out, but I shook my head and stepped away from him. No way was him or Rocky, the cat/human coming near me.
“Please, let me help you.”
“No.” I snapped at David. “Get away from me and stay away.”
“Let me . . .”
“No.” I took two more steps back and tumbled down the three small porch steps. I never hit the ground, because David’s warm arms caught me. “Let me . . .”
The rest of the words died away when a large ass solid silver dragon landed in my backyard. That was the last straw for me, darkness consumed my mind.

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