Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, June 20, 2016

Flash Fiction – One set of parents

Hope all had an amazing weekend. Sure was nice around my area. Hot for sure. This week's flash fiction didn't really come from any specific thing or idea, it sort of just sprang to mind. Hope you guys like it.
Remember let your imagination soar when your read.
* * *
Unedited Scene
Adult Content
* * *
What’s going on? Where are . . . “Anyone?”
Caleb spun around in a circle taking in the charred grass, the white looking ash fluttering from the darken sky. What had he missed? He’d only fallen asleep a . . .
“Wow.” There was no way. He’d laid down at midnight. There’d been no frat party at the house last night, so why did his watch still say midnight.
“Bit confused there, son.”
Caleb jerked around with his fist up. He might be out of sync, but he knew how to box. He didn’t have the championship title for no reason.
“Who are you?”
“Good question. Better one is, who are you?”
What the . . .
“Better than that, do you know who your parents were?”
“Of course.” Mitchel and Ray-Lynn raised him into a wonderful church going, respectable man.
“Not your adopted one. Your biological ones.”
“I have one set of parents, no matter whose blood runs in my veins.” Ray-Lynn Tumberland had tried for years to get him to forgive the woman and man who’d dropped him on their doorstep an hour after he was born. He just hadn’t been able to and what did that have o do with the earth being destroyed.
“Understand how you feel, but I can enlighten you a bit more on your birth and why you are no longer on the Earthly Realm.”

* * *

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