Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, June 6, 2016

Flash Fiction Scene – Take It Back

Hope all had an amazing weekend and that this week has started off with a bang. This is one of those scenes that sort of just jumped out at me when I sat down and let my fingers fly across the keyboard. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Have a great day.
Remember Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Unedited Scene
M/M Content
Adult Content
* * *
Travis couldn’t believe it. His best friend’s brother stormed into the middle of the biggest meeting of his life and shouted for him to take it back. Travis wasn’t sure who or what Jacob Timberman was shouting about, but he did know the business investors he’d been pitching a merger to did not appreciate the interruption.
The head board member was rushed and four mercenary looking men surrounded him. Travis knew the big shot guy had brought bodyguards after some kind of attack a few weeks ago.
“I mean it. Take it back and do it know.”
“Mr. Kingman,” the next to top head guy spoke through gritted teeth. “Care to explain what is going on?”
Travis took a breath and moved around the table with the biggest, false calm face he could pull off. “I’m not quite sure, Sir, but I’ll find out.” He took hold of Jacob’s arm and tugged him into the hallway. Jacob didn’t seemed phased by the tight hold he had on him, because he kept trying to break free to go back into the office.
“What the heck is going on?” Travis hissed at Jacob. “You are blowing a major deal for me. What are you doing here?”
Jacob went to step around him, but Travis blocked his path. “You aren’t going back in there and if you don’t’ calm down I’m going to have security escort you out.”
“The heck you will. He has to take it back.”
“Uh . . .” The rich smooth voice of Mr. Kive, the head board member had Travis spinning around.
“I’m so - -“
“Don’t apologize.” Mr. Kive gave him a tentative smile. “This is my doing and Jacob’s brash actions is . . . Might not have been his smartest choice of actions, but I have to admit it sure showed me how ballsy my lover could be when he feels harmed.”
Travis was still lost, but if Mr. Kive was taking blame for Jacob’s action then at least his chance at the merger wasn’t a total loss cause.
“Could I bother you for a use of a separate conference room for a few minutes?”
“Sure, Mr. Kive.” Travis waved his personal assistant over. “Take them to the other conference room and make sure no one bothers them.”

* * *

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