Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 30, 2016

Flash Fiction Scene – Peaceful World

Hope all had an amazing week. If you got in any reading time then I hope it allowed you enough of a free mindset that you imagination could take you into a peaceful world. This line of thought is what led to this week’s post.
Hope you enjoy and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
Unedited Scene
M/M Content
Adult Content
* * *
The high-noon sun glistened off the sheets of metal spread over the dark brown grass, which had been starved for water and light for over ten years. Rivers of life giving blood had soaked into the ground after each hard fought battle between us mere humans and Rice Hunger’s killing robotic army. Those days was long behind us, Chewy hoped.
Part of him thought he didn’t deserve to see the future peaceful world that awaited all the tried patrons of the world. He’d contributed to the demise of the earth and humanity all for love. Rice Hunger had been a marvelous man when he met him. Had a well-laid out plan of halting the destruction of the earth. Swore he could eliminate hunger, poverty, and violence. Nothing but lies of a power hungry greedy man.
Rice had stolen his research on how affordable and time saving people having robots to do their daily chores were and given it a scientist who manupliated my idea and created an army of fighters.
“Chewy,” Chris patted his shoulder, “you need medical help?”
“Nope.” Even if he did, he hadn’t earned it and wouldn’t accept it. “Anyone harmed?”
“No. CR worked perfect. Took out all six of Rice’s robots in one sweep of his arm.”
“Good.” More than. Meant he could begin more hour and hours of redeeming hard work.
“How long you need to make enough to break Rice’s strong hold?”
Chewy had no idea. Rice’s scienstist knew he worked the last six years on creating something to aid the world, meaning he’d been stockpiling more army robots. Chewy hadn’t been able to do the same. He had shell after shell of robots ready for the microchip that would operate them, but it took time to code each of them.
“Not sure. I’m going to get right to work, though.”
He didn’t wait for Chris to object to him going back to the grind.

* * *

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