Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 9, 2016

Flash Fiction Phrase – Smarter Than You Think

Hope all had an amazing week last week. Mine was busy with writing and other daily life stuff, which is where today’s flash fiction phrase comes from. Hope you enjoy.
Remember Let Your Imagination Soar When You Read.

* * *
Unedited Scene
Adult Content
* * *
Raquel was tired of her life. Parents that controlled every move she made. Chosen fiancé who believed all women were meant for being in the home and popping out male children. Not a life Raquel wanted or dreamed of. Sure was a life she’d have no hardship leaving behind the moment her best friend came through with selling a family heirloom for her. Raquel hated parting with her grandmother’s diamond ring, but she knew it was what her grandmother would have wanted.
A light knock on the back of her window had Raquel jumping from her bed and darting to the window. She raised it and waved Ashely in. “Did he buy it?”
Ashley didn’t say a thing, simply handed her a green bank style bag and climbed back out the window. Ashley wasn’t being rude, she was preventing any chance of them getting caught. Raquel’s parents would kill Ashely for helping her plan an escape and then lock Raquel in the attic, or somewhere worse.

The zipper on the bag was stiff, but slid across the line, revealing the nicely pressed and bundled up hundred dollar bills. The buyer had indeed came through. Raquel stashed the money in her prepacked bag and left the prison style home she’d lived in for her entire life. She didn’t pause to look back, there was no reason to. She was going to claim the life she wanted.

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