Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 23, 2016

Flash Fiction Scene – Crystal Ball (Take 2)


This week's post is sort of named the same as last weeks. I'm not sure why. Think i might have misnamed last weeks, but it won't hurt to have two titled similar. Hope you guys enjoy and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
Unedited Scene
M/M Content
Adult Content
* * *
The time had come. He wasn’t ready. Nerves ate at his skin, causing him to rub his arm to a blood red color. Ironic, sort of. The Crystal Ball two feet in front of him was about to tell him, Rex Bawford, his future. Would he become a White Dragon, a dragon who guided people from the sky. A Yellow Dragon, the cowardly kind who hid among the caves. A Black Dragon, destroyer of enemies. Or would he become the awesome, mighty protector of the dragon world, a Blood Red Dragon.
“Son, it’s time.”
Rex nodded to his father, the head dragon of the East Coast. He lifted his arm, which felt as if ninety pound weights hung from it and hovered his hand over the ancient smooth clear Crystal Ball. In seconds his future would be decided. Was he ready? Yes. No. Loads rested on the color the ball turned. Not only his future, but his father’s and his pre-chosen man. Yellow could condemn his father’s lifetime of hard work. Make all the hours his father spent apart from him and his chosen woman for nothing. Doom his prechosen man to a life of hardship and derogation by the other West Coast dragons. Blood Red could up his father’s standings and make his prechosen man more powerful than any other among the West Coast, sealing his place as the future leader,
Weight of  two powerful men rested on his shoulder. Did he have the strength and courage to lower his hand the mere inches?
“Son,” his father’s voice never wavered or took on an air of command, but Rex knew his father meant for him to get on with putting him at ease.
Rex lowered his hand and watched as the Crystal Ball swirled with white, yellow, black, and red. The white faded away, leaving a heavy mist of yellow, black, and red. The black faded away, increasing Rex’s already pounding heart. He heard his father take a deep breath, but never heard him release it. How could he, his ears thumped loud enough  to drown out a fog horn. He squeezed his eyes closed as the yellow and red colors thickened. He couldn’t watch. If the red disappeared . . .
“Welcome Defender of the East Coast.”
Rex’s eye flew wide. He’d done it. His father’s and his prechosen man’s world was secure. He would protect and serve the East and West Coast Dragons. There were only four Red Dragon’s born each generation.
Rex exhaled and nodded at his father, who grinned for the first time in front of other dragons.
“Defender when will you take your place at your chosen’s side?”
Rex glanced to his left, taking in the long blonde haired man, waiting for him. “Today, sir.”
Rex knew his father hadn’t expected that response. Most took a week or two before they left for their new area, but Rex didn’t want to make his prechosen have to wait to take his rightful spot as leader for another day. He’d waited ten years already. No sense in making it another day.
“Fine.” His father waved his hand and the other dragon’s left with haste.
The noise died down and Cal, his prechosen walked up to his side, squeezing him close. “You know I would’ve been pleased even if you weren’t a Red Dragon.”
“I know, love.” Cal had told Red that multiple times, but he knew how much Cal wanted to lead the West Coast.
“Son,” his dad glanced at Cal and then at him, not bothering to hide his disdain for his son being chosen by a future male leader. His father liked the fact that his son had a chance at becoming a Red Dragon, but had wanted him to choose a woman and give him grand-dragons. “Why are you leaving so soon? Your mother wanted to throw you a exiting party.”
“I know, sir.”
“Then why?”
“Cal deserves to take his place. He chose me ten years ago. He’s waited long enough.”
“This isn’t wise son.”
“Sir, I’m not having this discussion with you again.” Rex wrapped his arm around Cal’s waist. It had taken him a most of his teenage years to come to an understanding of why Cal chose him. He hand never expected him to be chosen by a future male leader, mainly because his father frowned on men being with men. His father had been so vocal about it that Rex had suppressed the fact that he’d found men attractive since he was thirteen. A year and half before Cal chose him.
“Leader Timely,” Cal’s voice held nothing but respect, but Rex knew Cal and his father weren’t on the best terms. “I have told him multiple times that it was fine for him to remain here for the entire month your dragons are allowed, but he is adamant about leaving tonight.”
“In other words,” his father interjected, “you will not order him to.”
“I will not.”
Cal had promised Rex he would never order him around. Cal didn’t believe that him being a leader put him in a higher ranking position than a Red Dragon. Not many Leaders think such.
“Fine.” His father sighed. “I have no other options than to let him leave today.”
Rex gave him a small bow of thanks. “I’ll make sure to see mom before I leave.”

“You best.” His father spun on his heels and left without another word.

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