Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 16, 2016

Flash Fiction – Crystal Ball


Hope everyone’s week starts off good. If it’s a bit slow or on the down side then maybe this little scene will boost your energy or relax you a bit. Enjoy.
Remember Let Your Imagination Soar when you read.
* * *
Unedited Scene
M/M Content
Adult Content
* * *
Davey couldn’t believe it. How had he overlooked it? He never once thought Greg was interested in him, but here he stood in the buff with a huge boner and said it was all because of him. What was the right response to your best friend of six years, who secretly been the man claiming his fantasies while jacking himself off?
“Do you like what you see?”
Boy did he, but the ability to speak evaded him.
“Going to stand there and stare of help me solve my problem?”
Help him. Davey basically leapt to the living room doorway, luckily dodging the sofa that blocked his direct path to Greg, and yanked Greg against him as he sealed his lips over his.
Perfection. There was no other way to describe how soft and lush Greg’s thin and narrow lips were. One sensual lick and his sexy mouth parted enough for him to gain the first taste of his best friend. There would be no going back from them. No one else would sate the hunger that flared to life the minute Greg showed interest in him
Davey tugged Greg close when he broke the kiss. “You know what this means, right?”
Suckie time to ask. Davey’s entire heart had been engaged at the first touch.
“Sure do. Knew when I walked in here. No, take me, before we both combust.”

All Davey needed to hear.

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