Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 2, 2016

Flash Fiction – The Gym

Hope all enjoyed the A to Z April Blogging Challenge post. I know I sure had a blast visiting so many wonderful sights. There were some awesome themes again this year. Have to say one of my favorites was this mystery who did style theme. It was awesome.
Okay, well this week I’m back to my weekly flash fiction scene post. Over the last six months I’ve been making lots of changes to my lifestyle, one of the biggest is going to the gym. This morning when I sat down to write this post I spotted my gym membership card and the idea sprang to life.
Hope you enjoy this week’s post.
Remember let your imagination soar when your read.

* * *
Unedited Scene
Adult Content
* * *

What was I going to do? The wind had relocated the gym’s roof. The insurance company wasn’t sending anyone adjusters to our neck of the woods for a week. I had people depending on the gym to be open. Every day it was closed was money out of my pocket, money I needed. I had some money stashed away, but there was nowhere near enough to pay a roofing company. Might have been enough to buy the supplies, but . . .
Janice spun around ready to lay into whoever had dared sneak up on her, but the words faded the moment she saw the short, stocky, dirty man twenty feet from her.
The man nodded towards the destroyed gym. “Was wondering if you needed some help cleaning up. I’d be glad to do the work for a meal a day.”
Shit, fire. Cleaning up after such a horrific storm warranted more than one meal a day. The man must be desperate if he’s really to work for so little. She sure could use the help and in return she’d be doing a good deed, but she’d be paying him more than one meal a day. She’d give him  . . . Oh, she was brilliant.
Janice waved at the roof laying across the parking lot. “Can you help me fix the roof?”
“Sure could. Use to roof for a living.”
Perfect. “Fine. I’ll buy the supplies you need, you can fix the roof, and I’ll pay you with food, place to live, and at the end if I have money left over I’ll give you the extra cash.”
The man’s eyes went wide, but the grin that showed through the ruff on his face was what set Janice’s heart at ease. Her disaster would help another. Nothing better in life than that.

“I’ll get started figuring out what I need, ma’am.”

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