Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, July 4, 2016

Flash Fiction Phrase What to do?

Sorry I forgot to make a post last week. Kind of a busy one. I do apologize. I hope this week’s post finds everyone having an amazing Fourth of July. Let is spark your week off in the best way.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Unedited Scene
Adult Content
* * *
What to do? What to do? Red, orange flames flowed from the ground. Not like any fire he’d ever saw. Nope. There was no smoke to choke you or make your eyes sting. There was only heat and it crept towards him, no one else. It consumed nothing, not even the browning grass under it. The strange flame had its non-existing eye set on him.
“Move, Theo.”
Theo whipped his head towards Sal, the one friend he had since first grade. What was Sal doing there? He couldn’t let his best bud come to his rescue. The flame was deadest on his target and that wasn’t Sal. Sal needed to remain far from the sitatuion at hand.
“Get out of here.”
Theo darted to his left, taking the trail behind him. He knew it well. Should, he ran it four times a day. Who would’ve known a steady routine of jogging would truly save his life one day. The unusual fire did just like Theo expected, followed. Problem was, faster he ran the closer the fire seemed to get.
“What now?” He asked himself, but got an answer from Sal.
“You let me do my job.”
“What the . . .” Theo stumbled, landing hard on his hands. “Where did you come . . .”
“Not now.” Sal stepped in front of him and lifted his hands, chanting in some strange language. Sort of resembled someone talking backwards. The fire was an inch away from him, but instead of touching him it began to shrink and a loud shrill filled the silent night.
Theo watched on as the fire disappeared and the late night crickets began to sing their song of happiness.
“You okay?” Sal wiped his hands on his shirt.
“Okay? You seriously asking me that?”
“What the hell was that?”
“Fire Demon.”
“Demon? What the . . .” Darkness consumed him as he heard his mother’s voice.

“He doesn’t know, Sal.”

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