Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, July 11, 2016

Scene Flash Fiction – No Magic Left

Hope everyone had an amazing week. If not then maybe this little unedited scene will brighten the start of your week. Have a great one.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
* * *
My stomach cramped from laughter. Kelly, the most logical and sane person I knew, told me she was a witch. At first, I thought I misheard and she called herself a bitch. She’s done it many times when she was ticked at overlooking something. She quickly set me straight when I reminded her of how un-bitchy she was. Slap upside the head was her retaliation for what she called stupidity. Then the beanpole look-a-like fiery red haired woman informed me she’d turn me into toad if I misheard her again.
“I meant what I said.”
I didn’t doubt she had. One small problem, there was no magic left among the world. The wizard people died out before either one of us was born, thanks to the air pollution eating away their natural born talent. The wizard people had been spread out across the entire world for centuries, but the last ten years of their existences they’d openly lived among the humans. Many made a great living by creating and selling simply spells. Other used their skills to assistance the dying. Unlike what the wizard people feared when the world discovered them there was no hostility or riots against them. They were accepted into the flow of society.
“Jack . . . I’m warning you.” Kelly pointed her index finger at me. “Stop the hyena laughter or I’m going to make you a ugly brownish frog.”
“Kelly . . .” I pursed my lips, forcing the next round of belly holding mirth down. “The joke is . . .”

A white little spark flew from her fingertip and zapped me in the dead center of my chest. My hand flew up to my chest, but the small streak was gone and so was my hours spent in the gym masculine chest. I looked to where Kelly had been standing and saw only bright blades of grass.

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