Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, July 18, 2016

Flash Fiction Scene – Life Long Love

Hi all,

I must have been feeling kind of sad when I wrote this week’s post, but guess we all have those days. Still, I hope the post entertains you and gives you an insight to how deep love can run.
Have a great week.
Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
* * *
The back of Darrel’s hand ran across his face, staring down at his hand. Something wasn’t right? Why was he staring at his hand? Were there more tears gracing his tanned skin? Should have been. How could there not be? Did it mean love didn’t run as deep as two lovers believed? Had to have. His father and Darrel had been together for thirty years, ten of which before dad and him decided to extend their family by adopting. July 10 of 1996 had been the best day any foster child the age of five could have.
“You okay, baby?” Kimp wrapped an arm around him.
‘Fine, sweetie.”
“Liar.” Kimp kissed his cheek, squeezing his waist. “Jake, I’ve been at your side for six years and when you nibble on your lower lip there’s something amiss in your perfect world.”
Course he knew me. Kimp ran across the track field, right in the middle of a hurdle challenge, after he got one look. It’d been kind of funny. Kimp had been the star of the track and field event, but instead of heading to his next jump he diverted directions and charged towards some college freshman with an arm load of books who’d stumbled to the wrong section of campus.
“Okay. Not so fine.”
Kimp didn’t respond, with words at least, but his raised eyebrow and one eye stare spoke volumes. His lover wanted him to continue.
“Darrel . . . he was wiping his face again and . . . he seemed . . . There he goes again.”
Kimp titled his head from side to side, frowning. “He’s upset. Isn’t that expected?”
“Yes.” More than, but . . . “Watch. He’ll look at his hand.”
Kimp shrugged. “He lost his lover in the most horrifying way. I’m sure Darrel is upset.”
“But he’s not wiping his hand as if . . .”
“You don’t think he’s crying?” Kimp took hold of his chin. “I’m promise you, he is crying. Inside, if nowhere else.”
“Then why . . .”
“Darrel and your dad lived a long happy life together. He will cry many nights, even years from now, but crying don’t require tears each time. Maybe . . . He might be surprised not to feel any tears. It doesn’t really matter does it?”

Did it? No. He knew Darrel loved his father. He’d seen them together each day of their live for the last twenty years. There were no two people more in love than his father and Darrel. Well . . . besides him and Kimp. There was no way . . . He wasn’t going there. Nope. Not even bringing that possibility to life. If he thought, it . . .  He was not jinxing his and Kimp’s life. He never wanted to experience losing his lifelong love.

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