Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, March 20, 2017

Flash Fiction Phrase - Say What

This week’s flash fiction phrase scene is one some of us say when we get ill, or someone is taking their sweet time admitting to something. Hope you guys enjoy this weeks scene.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
M/M Content
* * *
Johnathan stood looking out the window, dreading what was to come. Only time his lover rambled on and one was when he had to say something undesirable. Wasn’t the first time Ray came home baring bad news. Both times included him sticking his dick somewhere it didn’t belong. Both time Ray promised it would never happen again.

Johnathan was tired of the lies. Tired of the decent. Tired of coming home after a long night of dancing at the club while his lover sat among the hoard of male patrons begging for a fleeting moment of his time.

“Are you listening?” Ray’s hand ran down his spine, making Johanthan’s skin crawl. “I promise I did nothing.”

Huh? Did nothing? What in the world had Ray said?

“Sweetheart, did you hear me?”

“No.” Johnathan stepped away from Ray’s roaming hand and glared out the window. “Did not want to hear you say it again.”

“Say what?”

“You know what.”

“I told you I did nothing.”

“Like I’m suppose to believe that.”

“You are. I threw the jerkwad out of the club and banned him.”

What? Why did Ray think such actions would help his case. “Don’t care what you did with your lover. I’m done with . . .” He waved his hand in the air.

“What? Why?”

“This is your third strike.”

“My what? Sweetheart, you are not making any sense.”

“Do I have to spell it out.” Johnathan spun and shoved Ray back into the small center island. “I will not tolerate you cheating on me.”

“I haven’t.”


“Yes. I promised not to the last time and I meant. I have not been with anyone other than you.” Ray shook his head. “What does this have to do with me having to ban a jerk who yanked Tommy down from the stage.”

Huh? What was . . . “What?”

“You did not hear me, did you?” Ray made a step towards Johnathan, but he stepped back. “I told you I confronted the man, but he swung at me. The bouncers took him out and I banned him. He called the law on me, telling them I hit him.”

Shit. He’d thought . . .

“What made you think I cheated on you.”

“Your . . . voice.” Johnathan huffed. “You had that tone you used each time you came to me and admitted your betrayal.”

“Sweetheart, I know - -“

‘Save it.” Johnathan didn’t need to hear his excuses or more apologizes. He needed to be able to trust his lover. Clearly, he couldn’t. Clearly, the last time had done more damage to their relationship than Johnathan admitted to himself.

“Sweetheart, what do I have to do to show you I meant my promise.”

There was nothing he could do. It would take years to rebuild trust, if it was even possible. “I think . . .” No, he was sure there was nothing but time and a bit of separation that would help. Johnathan needed times to clear his head and evaluate his feelings for Ray. “You need to find you a place to stay.”

“No.” Ray rushed towards him. “Don’t give up on us.”

“I’m not. I need . . . space.”

“Please, don’t - -“

“Don’t. I need this. Find you a place to stay.” Johnathan steeped around Ray and headed to his bedroom.

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