Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, March 6, 2017

Scene Flash Fiction Post

Want to start off by apologizing for the sporadic posting lately. I’ve been sick and it took me longer than I liked to get the energy back. Today’s post might be later than normal, but the good thing is that it is here for you to enjoy.

Remember let your imagination soar when your read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
I held my hand out to the extremely large, wolf like stray dog. The animal had brought a dead rabbit and dropped it at my feet, then laid down and bared his belly. With small movements I leaned over and rested my hand on his belly, rubbing up and down. The stray sighed and lulled his tongue to the side.
“Why do you keep bringing me rabbits?” I disliked killing of any kind of animal, wild or not. It’s why there were only veggies and beans in my house. If it did not come from the garden I did not eat it. “You can stop.” I stood and snagged the shovel from beside the swing. The dog was up and on his feet before I had chance to turn back around. He had the rabbit in his mouth and then darted off to the edge of the woods, like he did each time I went to remove his strange gift. Darn animal even took time to bury the animal.
Gravel crunched as the stray dog vanished from my line of sight. “Damn it.”
Why was he showing up? I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialed the number to the officer who had arrest Jamie five times for breaking the restraining order.
“Just pulled in.”
“On my way. Go in the house and lock the door.”

There were no other words exchanged, not even a goodbye. I did as instructed each time Jamie showed up and knew that Officer Kevin Reed would be here within a minute or two. Never knew how the man got here so fast, but he did.

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