Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, July 24, 2017

Flash Fiction – Steam


Hope all had a great week. Mine was a bit up and down, but I managed to complete my Camp NaNo writing challenge of 25,000 words. I actually wrote 30,000+ words. I still have another 2-4 chapters to complete the story I was free writing on. Looking forward to finding out the ending to the story. It sure took a different twist than I expected. It went down its own path like rolling steam from a shower.

That thought is what led to this week’s flash fiction scene. Hope you enjoy and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
I wiped sweat off my forehead, cursing the obnoxious hot water. I’d wanted a cool shower to evaporate my steam rolling emotions, not one hot enough to create more steam.

“You going to listen to me?”

Did Cal really think I cared what he had to say? I didn’t. Wouldn’t. Never again.
“Please, Bethany, please listen to me.”

Nope. If I had, he would have ended up curled in on himself screaming at a higher pitch than a man should even make. He still might have if I saw him again. Thankfully, for him at least, and maybe my knee, the steam covered shower blocked my view of him.

“Leave.” I reached through the shower curtain, snatching up my towel.

“Will you let me explain myself?”

“Why should I?” She ran the lavender scented towel up and down her arm. “You accepted a transfer without asking me if I wanted to move to Texas.”

Texas of all places. Desert. Heat. Extreme heat. Southern talk. Cowboys. Okay, that part might have been okay. Cowboys wore tight ass jeans. Or the ones in the movies did. She wouldn’t have minded seeing Cal in a pair.

What was she thinking? Cal had accepted a position in Texas. Without asking her? He knew how she felt about hot weather. It’s why they lived where there was a limited amount of hot days. More than she liked, but not so many she suffocated to death on them.

“It was that, or I lose my job. Completely.”

I jerked the curtain aside. “Well, you have lost your wife. Completely.” She stepped out, knocking him aside and marching into their bedroom for the last five years.

“You serious!” Cal’s words came out squeaky, but his anger lurked in them.

She was, wasn’t she? Yes. She was. “I am.”

“You would throw away our marriage because I chose my job?”

“It’s not the job.” Did he not get it? Was he that stupid?

“Then what is it?”

“You did not consult me on such a major decision.” She slung her towel in his face and jerked her underwear on. “You made a life changing decision without even asking my opinion.”

“I had to decide then. Not like I wanted to.”

“You will not get it. Will you?” She threw her hands up in the air.

“You will not either, will you?” He sighed. “They did not give me time to call you. It was answer them then, or they took the offer to Frank.”

“Then you should have told them no.” She tugged her grown over her head. “Sleep on the couch until you leave for Texas.” She tossed her hands at the door. “I’m going to bed.” She threw the covers back and crawled under them.

“Fine.” Cal marched out, muttering about how this was not over.

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