Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, January 13, 2014

Cliché’s use them or not.

Hey everyone,

Hope your weekend was a blast. Mine was pretty busy. That's always a good things. Give me a chance to work on my current project for you guys as well as come up with ideas and thoughts to post on here.

This weeks post comes due from my time doing a last edit on book 4 of the Journey Series. (Will be announcing it's release date sometime this week.) While I was working away it dawned on me just how often in life and my writing this topic comes up. Thought it'd make a great topic for this weeks post.

We all know what a cliché is. Most even use them. Some view them as useable only during snarky moments. Some do so to be a bit funny. Then there’s the ones that slip in and we don’t even me them to. No matter how we or why they get applied, they’ve become a part of life for most.

I know I tend to slip them in more often than most. Does that mean all the times, us writers are told to avoid using cliché are correct? Think that depends on the characters as well as the writers. There are some authors who out right refuses to use them. Still, there are some who do so sparingly. Most of us, (or in my opinion) try to find way to spruce a cliché up.

What does that mean? How can you spruce up a cliché? Answer seems simply. You simply find a new unique way of applying it to a certain situation. Not so simply. How could it be? You are attempting to take an already unique and cute saying and changing it into something even cuter and more unique to a certain aspect in a story.

This is not an easy thing to do. Yet, when it happens, it feels like one of those ah moments. Then you’ve added a prefect amount of bite, laughter or whatever you were after from that cliché. Never know you might create the next huge cliché.

Hope all has an amazing week.
Let your imagination soar in everything you do,
Julia Matthews

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