Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, January 6, 2014

Long, Yet Productive Days

Hey everyone,

New year has begun. Hope all brought it in with a bang. Holiday season behind us, and back to the grindstone. Guess that's why I decided it was the perfect time to make this post.  

You know those days that never seem to end no matter how much you do to pass the time. I hate them yet love them. Those are the days that I find I’m more productive than every. Didn’t realize it till the a few days ago.

One of those days came about for my entire family. Mom had to work her day job, and even called to complain about being board and a never-ending shift. Of course, she found it very easy to come home and drift off to sleep while watching TV. I myself can’t go back to sleep till bedtime unless I’m major sick.

By six o’clock I’d been up for twelve hours and was still had at least four more hours before my body would start to wind down enough for sleep. Problem was, (well not really a problem) I’d done wrote 6,000 words on a new story. Revised 16 pages of Miss Donna’s story, and another story that is underway. Read over two-thirds of a book, finishing it off. Oh and let’s not forget all the organizing time I put into the story that I wrote on and the house cleaning I did. Loads of work in 12 hours time. (Yeah, for me.) Should have been tired. Felt tired. Head hurt. Hands hurt from the typing. Eyes hurt from the reading. Yet, my body wouldn’t shut down and settle down enough for me to rest and relax with a good movie or a decent TV show. Only one thing left for me to do.

Write. Ah, the glorious relief that my writing gives me. By bedtime I’d written an additional 2,000 words and my headache was gone. Too bad my hand still ached. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

Still don’t know how a day that seems never ending can be so wonderful when all I wanted was for the day to come to and end. (Or why these days seem to come so frequently during the winter days. Maybe, it’s because it gets dark so early.) But I’m not knocking a gift horse in the mouth. I welcome great writing time any time I can get. Helps when my mind hits one of those blank walls for a few days.

Hope all has an amazing and productive week,

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