Journey Series

Journey Series

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Conclusion of Life Turned Upside Down: Miss Donna's Story

Life Turned Upside Down
Miss Donna’s Story
Julia Matthews
(Final Section)

“Life.” Keith squeezed her, giving Donna strength to continue on. “Not been easy lately. Making way too many huge mistakes.”
“Donna, my love what are you trying to ask.
“Sometimes I wish you would use our link to find out.”
“You know I prefer to talk out loud, so there’s no misunderstanding and no one feels invaded.” Keith ran a hand up my arms. “Now what’s your question?”
“Will you grant me permission to take my journey home?”
Keith gasped and tightened his hold on me. “Why?”
“I’m destroying Kelly and your lives. How can you not see it? What mother forgets their daughter? I’m going to end up hurting her. Then she will hate me. We don’t know what is wrong with me. These spells of mine will cost you your dream. Then you will hate me. Please, let me end my suffering before I harm our precious little girl.”
“Those thoughts are in your head. We need you. Both your mate and daughter.”
“No. You need a mate who can be one. Kelly needs a mother who won’t forget her.” Donna felt the tears slide down her face.
Keith blew out a long deep breath, and groaned. Frustration and anger seeped through their mate link. Donna felt his internal struggle between being a father, a mate, and her Pride Master. Donna hated putting him in such a spot, but it was his duty to take such request from everyone member under him.
Keith tuned my face so we were looking eye to eye. He wiped the tears off my cheek and kissed me deeply. Then against my lips whispered, “I hate my job. There’s not a valid reason for me to deny your request. All I can say as your mate is I will miss you. You are my heart, and I don’t want to lose you. Neither does Kelly. We love you and always will.”
Words couldn’t convey all the emotions that ran through me, so I kissed him, and let my body do the talking. Keith laid back, and let me. My hands ran over his body, memorizing each section. Keith finally took over and rolled me onto my back, playing my body like a violin, milking it for every orgasm he could. He knew it would be our last time making love and wanted to savor it.
After Keith fell asleep I got up and burned each and every letter that Tally had sent. I still had no reason as to why he was sending them, but feared they held only another mistake. Not something Keith needed to run across after my death. Best to destroy them. After that Donna returned to bed. Gave Keith one more kiss, and then took her journey home with the knowledge of future for a very much loved family.
# # #

Hope all enjoyed Miss Donna's Story. Don't forget it will be available on PDF format on my website tomorrow. Go to and look under the Journey Series Extra's tab.


REMEMBER THIS IS A  a work of fiction. All names, characters and events are from the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or person is purely coincidental.

Uploading and distributing this book by any means without permission from the publisher is illegal and punishable by law.
Copyright © Julia Matthews December 201

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