Journey Series

Journey Series

Friday, December 27, 2013

Section 6 of Life Turned Upside Down: Miss Donna's Story

Life Turned Upside Down
Miss Donna’s Story
Julia Matthews
(section 6)

“Pull is major isn’t it,” A sleepy groggy male voice said.
Donna nodded.
“Do you regret it?” A somewhat more awake male said.
“No.” What’s your name, hung on the tip of her tongue, but never came out.
“Sorry, I was lost in our mate pull, and forgot to introduce myself properly.” Man pulled me closer and sniffed my neck. “Name’s Keith Singer. May I know my Mother Earth mate’s name?”
“Donna Teal.” I mumbled and pushed closer, finding him ready for another round. Without even thinking, Donna turned towards Keith and wrapped her arms around him.
Keith looked into my eyes and said, “I’ve never seen such pretty blue eyes before.”
My head dropped, eyes falling shut. They made me different and I hated them. Keith must not have, because he took a finger and lifted my head up. Kissed each eyelid and said, “Never hide such a pretty sight.”
“Why. They make me. . . “
“Unique.” Keith cut off my words. “Mine. Mine alone to gawk at and lavish with love.”
Keith meant those words and his face showed it. Well for the most part. Made me wonder if he had a chosen mate that would be harmed by our mating.
“You are thinking too hard.” Keith kissed a trail down to my lips. “I had no chosen mate. Was involved with someone, but he will understand.”
“He?” Keith’s slight cringe told me I hadn’t heard wrong. “You were involved with a man.”
“How’d I missed your British accent.” Keith nodded for a moment. “Makes sense why you seemed surprise I was involved with a man.”
“Is that allowed over here?” I asked and snuggled closer. Even if he’d been involved with someone else, our connection was solidified and he didn’t seem to mind it.
“Yes. Most still keep it to themselves, but it’s more than allowed.” Keith kissed me deep and pushed his midsections into mine. “After a few more round of your luscious body, I’ll find out what brought you to New York.”
Keith rolled me onto my back, as he kissed me so passionately that Donna’s mind melted faster than an ice cream cone on a hot day. Only the first of those kisses, mixed among each thrust deep into my wet hot sheath. For a man who had been involved with another man, he sure knew how to make a woman scream his name with each trip to orgasm heaven.
After several more rounds of hot, intense, long love making session, Keith and I showered and dressed. While shifting through what few clothes I had, he watched. With my cleanest and least winkled blouse in hand he asked, “What brought you to New York?”


REMEMBER THIS IS A  a work of fiction. All names, characters and events are from the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or person is purely coincidental.

Uploading and distributing this book by any means without permission from the publisher is illegal and punishable by law.
Copyright © Julia Matthews December 201

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